6 Bizarre Filipino Construction Superstitions You Should Know

We are living in a world that belongs to science and technology. Scientific knowledge and revolutions have crossed all borders and have drastically changed our means of communication, transportation, the way we work, our housing, food, clothing and so much more. In other words, by generating fast and easy solutions for everyday life, science has brought comfort and pleasure to mankind. However, it’s surprising to find that superstitions are still pervading in a world that speaks artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

Filipinos are known to be of religious nationality to a level that it tends to shape their daily life and their way of thinking. They believe faith and religions are things you are born with instead of by choice. This is the reason why today, they still tend to cling to ancient superstitions. Don’t trim your nails at night or else a family member will die; don’t go to bed while your hair is wet or else you’ll go blind; don’t wash your hands/ bathe after physical exertion or else you’ll become impotent/get cancer; these are some superstitions that locals take to heart. And, if you find them weird, I wonder what you’ll think of the Filipino construction superstitions, also known as “ariya.”

#1. A Toast to a Ghost

A Toast to a GhostThe Philippines is an archipelago of multiple ethnic groups, each deeply rooted in their own unique beliefs, especially towards the supernatural. And, a local tale says that spirits and supernatural entities have been living on the land for centuries. Therefore, during construction, when the “habitats” of these entities will be destroyed, one needs to pour wine – it should be expensive wine – down the footing of exactions to appease the spirits.

#2. No Pregnant Women Allowed

No Pregnant Women AllowedI guess if you have a pregnant woman in the family, you are not going to bring her to the construction site during excavation simply because the place isn’t safe to visit. However, Filipinos have a different opinion on why pregnant women are not allowed on site. First, they believe that they could bring bad omen and second, they believe that if a pregnant woman visits a construction site, she will give birth to a premature baby or have a very difficult labor.

#3. A Tooth Under The…Roof?

A Tooth Under The…Roof?I think all kids have gone through the “putting your tooth under the pillow” phase. However, this Filipino superstition takes the tooth fairy tale to another level.

If you have a kid and you are constructing a house, placing one of the baby teeth of your kid under the roof of the house while it is being constructed is said to bring good luck and happiness to your child.

#4. Bury Books

Bury BooksAgain, this Filipino superstition can only be applied if you have kids in your family.

If you want your children to grow up intelligent, you should bury old books under the house’s structure during the construction phase – I guess I’m paying all these tuitions for nothing.

Furthermore, if you want your kids to be good at music or have a career in the music industry, all you have to do is to bury music sheets instead of academic books under the structure. Or, you could bury both music sheets and academic books and you’ll get a child prodigy.

#5. Bury Medals and Coins

Bury Medals and CoinsMost centuries-old traditions say that coins are tied with good luck and financial fortune. However, there are rules to the game. While the Chinese believe that hanging coins on the inside of the front door can bring wealth and prosperity, Filipinos believe that burying coins or medals can be very auspicious as a wealth bringer.

#6. Animal Blood Should Be Spilled

Animal Blood Should Be SpilledDon’t worry, this is rarely practiced today. However, maybe one in like ten construction workers would perform an ancient ritual, sacrifice an animal and use its blood as a protection.



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