Let’s Learn More About Construction Management

What is Construction Management? Owners benefit from effective construction project management because it increases the likelihood that the project will be completed on time, on budget and without financial or legal complications. Construction management is a professional service that oversees the planning, design and construction of a project using specialized project management techniques. While project […]

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DIY Construction: Basic Equipment Needed

All manual activities, such as DIY, require basic hardware, whether minor repairs or large-scale work. Bolts, slides, hinges, dowels, screws… are always essential. This guide will help you to know the elemental composition needed. What Are Hardware Tools? The hardware is the set of small metal parts allowing to do everything: drilling, hanging, repairing, fixing, […]

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What Are the Problems With Concrete Facades

Problems With Concrete Facades

What Are the Problems With Concrete Facades    Contents  – Presentation of the concrete façade  – Characteristics of the concrete façade  – Advantages and disadvantages of the concrete façade  – Problems observed on concrete facades  – Coatings on concrete facades  – Paints and stains for concrete facades   Concrete facades are as common as stone […]

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