Comparison of Timber for a Wooden House

Comparison of Timber for a Wooden House


  • Hardwood species
  • Softwood species
  • Comparison of species

Wood is naturally sustainable, renewable, and recyclable. However, the choice of PEFC-labeled timber guarantees material from sustainably managed forests in the best environmental conditions.

It is always preferable to use local wood, which is less expensive than imported wood. Although robust and attractive, Exotic wood requires import costs and is uncertain as to its production conditions: wherever possible, American species should be preferred.

The USA has a treasure trove of materials suitable for construction sites.

Hardwood species

Comparison of Timber for a Wooden House

Here are 4 types of hardwoods:

  • Oak is a popular tree used in construction. You can use it for frameworks, decorative beams, parquet floors, etc. Rarer in the USA, it is therefore quite expensive.
  • Beech has a straight grain. Its color varies from yellow to brown. It is used for parquet floors, especially laminate, worktops, and coverings.
  • Maple is a solid, durable wood, often used for flooring and siding. It is light in color.
  • Larch is considered one of the best softwoods. Resistant to bad weather, it is used in fittings and decoration.

Softwood species

Comparison of Timber for a Wooden House

Here are 4 types of softwoods:

  • Pine, a robust tree, can be used in construction or furniture creation. It requires treatment to resist water better.
  • Spruce is a wood widely used in construction, thanks to its good weight/strength ratio. Light-yellow, it is not very resistant to humidity and requires prior treatment.
  • Cedar is used for cladding, paneling, and finishing. It resists well to bad weather.

Comparison of Timber for a Wooden House

Another alternative is offered by wood composite: a mixture of wood and synthetic fibers. Durable, it is extremely water resistant and does not fade or warp.

Comparison of the best wood species to build a house

Below you will find a comparison of the different types of wood for a wooden house:

Wooden House Species

Comparison of Timber for a Wooden House

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