3 Types of Earthworks and Foundations

Earthworks and Foundations

3 Types of Earthworks and Foundations Earthworks involve various operations using mechanical machines to prepare the land for future construction. Earthwork: the principle The earthwork consists of several steps: Soil stripping: the topsoil is temporarily extracted to a depth of about 25 cm. This operation can be carried out manually for smaller sites or with […]

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Top 5 Things To Know About A Construction Site


In engineering, construction is a method of assembling infrastructure using a detailed plan and various materials. In addition to the materials, the design and use case influence the project’s type of construction site. So what happens on a construction site? Construction sites are dangerous places to work. Many accidents occur on construction sites, and employers […]

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4 Steps to Make a Wall Foundation


4 Steps to Make a Wall Foundation Summary Focus on foundations Step 1: Locate the foundation on the ground Step 2: Dig the foundation Step 3: Place the reinforcement Step 4: Prepare and pour the concrete Foundations are the basis of all constructions; they ensure the structure’s durability over time by distributing the weight of […]

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Building And Public Works Contractor: The Realities Of the Profession


The ability to undertake in the field of building and public works is not an achievement sanctioned by the theoretical diploma of higher technician or engineer. This profession requires prior knowledge of the environment in question. Before any decision is taken, it is necessary to know the requirements, the assets, and the risks related to […]

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