A Coat of Render to Rejuvenate your Home’s Exterior

Exterior wall rendering can add value to your home and property. As a cost effective method to refresh your home’s exterior, it will also add to the aesthetic appeal depending on the type of render you choose. If your exterior walls are in poor condition or is a mixture of different mismatched materials, then you definitely need to remedy the situation.

DIY or Wall Rendering Professionals?

If you have the skills to perform the job yourself, then you should not hesitate as it can save money in the long run. However, if you think that watching a couple of tutorials on YouTube is enough to embark on this type of project, then you’re in for some pretty costly surprise. In any case, professionals in the field can be the perfect solution if you’re not sure you can handle the project. They will not only apply render, but perform a thorough inspection and repair structural defects if there are any. From exterior wall insulation to creating a foundation for the render to fix to, they will tackle each step of the rendering for a perfect finish.

Which Type of Render Finish you Need?

There are various render finishes to solidify and decorate your exterior walls. Be it for a smooth, textured or patterned finish, rendering can be done with various materials and wide range of colors. Some of the types of render finish include:

  • Lime render – perfect for old homes and flexible enough to deal with damp problems
  • Cement render – the standard and cheapest finish for external walls and can be mixed on site, but need frequent repainting to look fresh
  • Polymer render – contains polymers and other plastics to prevent cracking, and don’t need painting as the finish is colored
  • Acrylic render – used as a top coat over existing finished, and silicone can be added for durability and prevent the need for cleaning
  • Monouche render – Monocouche means ‘single bed’ or single coat in French and as expected this means only one coat is required. Although expensive, this product is self-cleaning, doesn’t crack and self-colored, so no need for painting

Choosing a Render Finish that Fits your Home and Walls

Thin coat render systems are designed to be self-colored so that they don’t need painting. As well as a choice of colors, different finishes are also available, from very smooth to textured. If you have chosen rendering that needs painting, make sure you choose a weatherproof external paint. Finally, the external rainwater and soil pipes etc. can be reapplied. So, expect the total process to take around three to four weeks.

Some the Many Benefits of Exterior Walls Rendering

Rendering has tons of benefits, both aesthetic and functional:

  • The first benefit of render on any building is that it should help weatherproof the underlying brickwork. That means that, regardless of the condition of the existing brick/block work, no water will be able to penetrate through the watertight, weatherproof render finish.
  • The most obvious reasons to get a rendering service is that it immediately adds to the aesthetic of your homes. The professionals use a variety of techniques and tools like brushes, sponges and stamps to create beautiful textures and designs.
  • Rendering improves the resistance of your house. It becomes resistant to climatic and weather changes. Heat water and snow wouldn’t cause any problems. The paint stays as fresh as possible so you don’t even have to worry about getting a fresh coat of paint done every now and then.
  • The difference between newly rendered properties and older render properties is stark. The older properties look tired and often the render is cracked all over. A new coat of render can really give your property a face lift, making it look like new.
  • Some types of render has anti-cracking properties as there is a combination of two coats of renders to solidify your walls. Thin and flexible, the two layers of render means that there are less risk of cracking. Additionally, as they are pre-colored, there is no need to paint, and they are very stable in UV light.
  • For example, cement rendering also tends to be a great deal more affordable than other rendering options and materials. Thus anyone can make a home improvement in a small budget.
  • Cement rendering allows you to play with different textures and color schemes to add beauty to your homes. There are so many designs which could be incorporated with the help of cement rendering. It’s a simple process that can add special flare to your home.

Be it acrylic, polymer or cement rendering, they cost much less than completely re-doing a wall. Rendering is the best solution to add life to your walls and house. If you need the help of rendering professionals, give Eddie Rendering Group a call!

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  1. Oh my God, I’m really glad that you mentioned about how adding silicone to acrylic render can make a surface more durable. It reminds me of one of my neighbors who has been planning to redo the exterior of her house probably next month. I’ll certainly ask her to consider this option so she’ll make the right purchase later.

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