How Do You Choose A Site For Building A House?

Having a building lot is essential before building a house. To do so, ask a building professional to help you find the ideal location for your project. To help you, the following article presents the criteria for selecting a building lot.

How do I know if a lot is buildable or not?


A building plot is a plot of land that is ready to be built on and meets the general rules and conditions for construction. These general rules concern:

    • The capacity of the subsoil to support the loads and weight of the planned construction
    • The legal authorization and the applicable town planning documentation;
    • The means of servicing or connection to the various networks (drinking water, telephone fiber, electricity, etc.).

Depending on the nature of the area, the land acquisition formalities must contain detailed information about:

    • The minimum surface of the land to be built
    • The area accessible to public interventions or other easements
    • Connections to public networks (sewage, etc.)
    • The type of building authorized for construction (warehouse, house, school building, hotel, etc.)
    • The construction materials and other characteristics (maximum height of the building, color, and decoration of the facades, size of the doors and windows, etc.)
    • The same building zone for two or more owners
    • The optional prohibition on building on unstable surfaces.

What are the criteria for selecting a good building site?


Before buying a plot of land, first, check the contents of the LUP (local urban plan). This formality contains all the information about the land (the initial state and the major works or changes that can be made on the land). In addition, the right choice of a building site requires meeting the following conditions:

1. The price of the land

When considering the selection criteria, the selling price of the land is obviously in the first place. Have an idea of the price ranges (the minimum and maximum land purchase price). This will lead you to the best choice. Then, analyze carefully if the condition of the land corresponds to your needs (your workforce, etc.).

2. The location of the land

The choice of the location is made according to your way of life. To do so, focus on these essential details:

    • The choice of an isolated plot of land as in the countryside or a more urbanized plot.
    •  The configuration and size of the land
    • The orientation of the land for a pleasant view and for obtaining heat and sunlight
    • The land environment (calm or tormented, easy access or not, etc.).

In fact, only your habits and tastes will allow you to make the right choice.

3. The ease of servicing the land


This consists of developing the land to connect to the essential networks. For this, the LUP of the building lot must have this option.

In general, the owner of the land is responsible for paying the cost of connection related to his property. This cost varies almost depending on the complexity of the work, the value of the deducted taxes, the distance between the land, and the connection source’s location.

The number of connected systems varies depending on the category and purpose of the building. For a special purpose building, for example, the following connections are possible:

    • Potable water connection
    • Gas connection
    • Connection to the electricity network
    • Connection to the telephone network.

Modern construction requires a connection to the sewage system to ensure comfort and environmental cleanliness.

Building a home is never easy, and you need all the help you can get to get through this usually draining time in anybody’s life. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next.

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