Building A Staircase: What Material To Use?

The installation of a staircase is an integral part of the construction of a house. The material used for its construction plays a considerable role in its style and brings a touch of harmony with the rest of the house. However, it is not only the aesthetics that count because, in addition to being beautiful, it must also be practical. Are you spoiled for choice when it comes to the materials for your staircase? Follow us below to find out what type of material would be best for you.

The “wood” staircase


Wood is the most common material in our homes. It offers charm and elegance while being durable and reliable. Moreover, with its natural look, the wooden staircase is able to adapt to all architectural styles. With wood, you will have the advantage of being able to stay in the tradition of warm and rustic material. In addition to its aesthetics, it is also easy to use because it can be adapted to the shape of the staircase you have chosen.

As for its robustness, it depends entirely on the type of wood used. Nevertheless, whatever the type of wood chosen, a wooden staircase always requires minimum maintenance. As for the price, you should count between 800 and 8,000 dollars. This price depends on the type of wood used and the shape of your staircase.

The “natural stone” staircase

The natural stone staircase exudes a certain class with its authenticity. Despite this, the visual effect can vary from stone to another (marble, granite, and synthetic quartz) and depends entirely on your expectations and needs! However, it doesn’t matter which type of stone you choose. They all have undeniable common points: solid material, very resistant, and durable over time, despite the fact that they are heavy. The stone staircase requires a rather technical installation with a rather high financial investment.

The “metal” staircase


The metal staircase is increasingly popular for its very modern style. It has become very present in the interior of classic and modern-style homes. Metal gives a very attractive and fashionable impression of lightness when materials such as steel, stainless steel, or aluminum are used. The main qualities of a metal staircase are its rigidity and resistance to time. Moreover, it does not require any particular maintenance.

On the other hand, its only drawback is that it is very noisy. To solve this problem, we advise you to install anti-noise steps. As for the purchase and installation price of a metal staircase, you should expect to pay between 2,000 and 10,000 dollars depending on the shape of the staircase.

The “concrete” staircase

Concrete staircases are very strong, and they are increasingly used in the construction of modern buildings. However, their aesthetics depends mainly on their coating and the shape chosen (straight, round, spiral, etc.). In addition, note that the interior concrete staircase, despite its robustness, is the least expensive on the market. It is also the easiest to install and maintain. To get one, count around 2,000 to 4,000 dollars; the price obviously varies according to the shape of your staircase.

The “glass” staircase


Glass is an incredible material for an interior staircase. Very aesthetic, it gives a light and airy aspect. Be careful, though, as it is not very suitable for people who are sensitive to vertigo! Moreover, the glass staircase is not very recommended for households with young children, as it can be dangerous. In addition, glass is a delicate material that requires a double safety obligation. It requires the intervention and advice of an expert.

For the design of your glass stairs, you can choose between tempered, opal, curved, colored, or printed glass. And why not opt for integrated lighting? It is possible to combine glass with other materials, such as a railing, for more design. In spite of all this, it is important to remember that glass, a rather delicate element, requires a lot of maintenance even if it is scratch resistant.

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