Top 5 Things To Know About Building Your Home

We all dream of having our own home one day, and it’s an exciting and unique journey that few of us can take. However, you should know that building a home is not all fun and games; there are many things to consider before building your dream home. This process is not for the faint of heart or the indecisive; building a home involves making last-minute decisions.

You need to be present for most of the construction process to ensure that you get the product you advertised. That said, building a home can go much smoother if you have a plan and a team you trust. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some things that everyone ought to know about custom homes.

1. Choosing the right land


The budget is undoubtedly the first criterion taken into account by future owners. However, many other factors must be analyzed. Indeed, the choice of a plot of land can determine the outcome of the construction.

Criteria to check yourself:

First of all, you must make sure that the land is buildable. You must also pay attention to the orientation in which the house can be built, the enclave, or the soil quality (earth, stones etc.). On this point, it is advisable to visit the site several times in different weather conditions in case the rain and wind reveal unpleasant surprises.

Always be wary of well-located land at a low price. This often means that the soil is of poor quality and that the construction of the house will cost more than expected. For example, if the land is located in an old quarry, the ground will have many cavities that will have to be filled with pillars for better stability.

2. Pay attention to the town planning regulations!

Each plot of land is subject to town planning regulations, varying from one commune to another. Thus, many rules can define your frontage, the size and location of your house, what you have to plant in your garden, and whether you can have animals or not. Stricter regulations can accompany these prescriptions if you choose a subdivision.

Don’t forget that for 4-front villas, you often have to respect a space with the neighboring houses. For example, a 15 m long plot of land does not mean that your house can be 15 m long… Ask the seller and the municipality for information.

3. Structural work or turnkey?


Do you have the land? It’s time to find your architect and, eventually, your builder! Make the difference between a turnkey house (where you can normally live directly) and the closed shell. The latter includes only the masonry, the frame, the roof, and the exterior carpentry. It will be up to you to do the work for the tiling, the floor, and the interior finishing. Pay attention to the conditions written in the contract and have them verified by an architect outside the project.

4. Incomplete specifications

In order to propose prices as low as possible, many builders indicate amounts that do not include VAT, finishes, architect’s fees, and more complex structures. For example, be aware that if your soil tests are not conclusive, it is possible that the engineers will ask you to place an invert, a cost estimated between 10,000 and 15,000 dollars… Be sure to ask what is included in this amount and always provide a good cushion for additional expenses. Detail the specifications carefully to make sure they are as complete as possible.

5. Insuring your home



Finally, taking out a “damage” insurance policy that will cover you during the construction period is mandatory. As a bonus, you can also take out “perfect completion” and “good working order” insurance, which will be useful in the event of proven defects. For this point, we recommend not to subscribe to the builder’s insurance because if there is a dispute between you and the builder, the insurer will find himself in the middle of a conflict of interests from which you will certainly not come out a winner.

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