Why Should you choose Double-Glazing Windows?

First of all, what exactly is Double Glazing? As the name would suggest, a double glazed window is 2 panes of glasses separated by either a layer of inert gas or a vacuum. Double glazing was developed mainly for better insulation but offers so much more. Let’s look at some of the benefits here:

  1. Better Insulation – Like we just said, double glazing was developed for better insulation. What this means is that it provides a better barrier, reducing the amount of heat transfer. Since heat travels from the source to a cooler area, this means that during the winter, the double glazing will ensure that the heat will be kept inside as much as possible, and during the summer, it will be kept out. In a nutshell, warmer winters and cooler summers.
  2. Noise Reduction – Operating on basically the same principle as above, the vacuum in the double glazing will ensure that noises from outside will have a hard time getting in, and the noise inside will not spill outside. So with double glazing, you can safely throw that party without worrying that the neighbours will bang on your door asking you to turn the radio down.
  3. Reduced Energy Bills – another benefit resulting from double glazing’s insulation properties is that you end up spending less on heating in the winter, and less on air conditioning in the summer. Which means a lower energy bill and more money to spend on ice-cream.
  4. Reduced Interior Damage – Have you ever noticed that the paint near your windows always seems paler than elsewhere, or the curtains have faded, or that the furniture looks damaged? This is caused by UV rays and condensation seeping in. Since double glazing cuts both of these out to a large extent, your interiors will last longer. As an added bonus, since water seeping in can cause mould, which leads to breathing difficulties, double glazing also offers added benefits to your health.
  5. Improved security – As a result of the way they are made, double glazing windows are incredibly tough, which makes it harder for a burglar to break in through the window.

So as you can see, double glazing windows certainly have a lot going for them, despite their slightly higher cost compared to single glazing windows. At the end of the day though, I’m sure you will agree that they definitely pay for themselves in the long run.

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  1. It is nice to know the benefits of double glazed windows Melbourne. I love how it provides an insulating effect that makes a house regulate heat. It is energy efficient and it is a big help in saving money.

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