Why Are Construction Site Inspections Important?

The Main Objective of a Construction Site Inspection

The primary objective of a construction site inspection is to prevent risks that may arise during construction projects and promote safe and reliable methods of construction.

A construction site inspection is an addition to the measures already in place. This additional approach does not necessarily guarantee zero risks. However, it contributes to reinforcing prevention and facilitates risk management.

About one in six fatal accidents at work occur in the construction sector, where 60,000 fatal accidents are recorded each year. Dangerous work practices, changing work environment, worksite complications, and many other factors contribute to the high dangers involved in this sector. However, it is possible to prevent accidents and health issues by carrying out site inspections. It ensures that all appropriate precautions are taken so that construction sites are safe, and that workers’ health is not at risk.

A construction inspection also involves conducting examinations to ensure relevant legal regulations are observed. An inspector may interview witnesses to examine and collect documentary information. He/she may also take materials for analysis and compel those responsible to take action, including immediate ones in cases of imminent danger concerning the safety and health of workers. Additionally, inspectors may take photos or videos of the working methods observed, so that solutions may be discussed to support actions that should be taken.

When inspecting construction sites, inspectors must be familiar with the area and have a solid knowledge of work organization and project management. They should also have an idea about the difficulties to which all stakeholders are confronted with the project, i.e., all persons required to comply with potential legal obligations, such as customers, the main contractor, subcontractors, and workers.

Workers are not the only people exposed to the risks inherent in construction sites. The public, including children, is also affected. The labor inspectors should verify that persons assuming control of the site have duly considered this question. Given the various dangers involved on a site, access to the site should be controlled. The level of controls required to prevent unauthorized access will depend on the hazards identified and the site. For example, if the site faces a school, children are likely to enter. Hence, it would be appropriate to fence off the site.

Some construction activities are carried out on paths or roads. People monitoring these activities should ensure that passers-by protection measures are in place. It will be, for example, to install a passage that will keep pedestrians away from activity. A construction site inspection helps ensure that all these measures have been put in place.

Construction workers spend their entire working day on the construction site and perform activities that require considerable physical effort. Moreover, they perform tasks that make their hands and forearms dirty. Welfare facilities should, therefore, be provided to reduce risks inherent in these activities, in particular, premises for resting and taking meals, toilets (possibly equipped with showers), and sometimes a dormitory.

The persons inspecting the site also ensure the cleanliness of the places. Generally, many materials are delivered to a construction site, and these generate a lot of waste. Workers may slip and trip on objects left on the ground, which could result in more dangerous events. An inspector will help ensure that the site has a reception area or a storage area near for materials and that proper hygiene is maintained.

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  1. You made a good point that there is a lot of risk assessment involved when it comes to inspections for construction projects. I’d like to find a good dimensional inspection service soon because I will be having a warehouse built for my future business. I want to make sure that it will abide by all relevant building codes as much as possible.

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