Everything You Should Know About Scaffolding

As you walk into your neighbourhood or travel around the city, you most likely have encountered at least a few scaffolds. Sometimes, they have become so common that we hardly notice them. But these structures are fundamental, especially in construction and should not be overlooked. In this article, we discuss when are they required and what their purposes are. Keep reading to learn more.

When Do You Need Scaffolding?

Whenever a thorough risk assessment concludes that scaffolding is needed, that’s when you need to use scaffolding. And, by law, a risk assessment must be done for all work at great heights. It is not a legal requirement when an individual is performing personal work, but it makes sense to consider safety carefully.

The law clearly states that any employee working at a certain altitude must be protected. While for low-risk tasks, such as minor roof renovations on the house, ladders could be considered safe to use. We still recommend using scaffolding or a work platform for safety reasons to improve balance and decrease the risk of injuries. For example, if you plan to work at a high level for a prolonged time or plan to travel at height, it is essential to use a safe and well-designed scaffolding system.


Why Is Scaffolding Important?

Although not specified by law, there are many reasons why scaffolding is so essential. A person working at high altitudes for extended durations, especially during windy or rainy weather, may be exposed to the risk of tripping. With a stable platform on a secured frame, this risk decreases. Scaffolding also makes it convenient to move freely around the building without continually climbing up and down.

Besides, scaffolding makes it easier to attach tools and prevent a potential accident, because even a tiny tool falling from a high place could be killing someone. In addition to the common human aspect, the safety side is a legal requirement for the person responsible for the site’s safety – usually the contractor, but a company such as a building developer or landowner may be responsible for the work performed.


What Are the Specific Activities That Require Scaffolding?


Home Renovations

While you don’t need to install a scaffold for some home improvement works, if you decide to transform your attic, expand your kitchen or renovate your roof, as mentioned before, we advise installing scaffolding to complete your work. Since your workers might need to get to a certain height to get the job done, a scaffold will make their task easier and more comfortable.

If you are not sure whether scaffolding is necessary for your domestic construction work, you can contact experts who provide various scaffolding solutions.


Building Maintenance

When building repairs are made usually on the eavestrough or roof, there is an additional chance of getting hurt because of the defects that are being repaired. These can include surfaces that are not stable, loose tiles, and potentially falling structures.

Scaffolding can help minimise these risks by providing a safe area and surface for the work.


Window Cleaning

Window cleaning in significant commercial buildings, such as office buildings, retail stores and hotels, will demand more than just a ladder. Windows can often reach twenty storeys, and window cleaners may fall fatally from great heights.

Scaffolding is one way to ensure their safety and allow them to do their work with comfort and ease.


Paintings and Decorations

Painters can be expected to work at significant heights for their work, which means that scaffolding is critical to ensure their safety and provide a safe work platform.

They must be able to place their equipment and tools beside them while working and move around the site with easy and safe access to all building areas.

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  1. I like what you said about how window cleaners use scaffolding all the time. I need to get a contractor to build a scaffolding set for my remodel. I want to add a second story to my house.

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