Why You Need a Strong Foundation

All home construction projects start with foundations. This remains the backbone for all additions and structural developments you will invest in as you construct your home. One way to think about foundations is to consider them as the lowest part of the building structure which transfers the loads from the structure to the soil safely.


  • The fundamental quality of a good foundation is to support the entire building. Foundations help distribute loads on to the surface of the bed uniformly, allowing you to construct well-supported buildings.
  • A strong foundation provides resistance to strong weather forces. Well-built foundations keep both the occupants of the building and the building structure safe during calamities such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. One example of a reliable foundation is the levitating foundation which protects from earthquakes.
  • Prevents moisture from seeping in and weakening the structures. Whether it is in the basement or the main home structure, foundations built with moisture-resistant concrete can reduce the number of liquids and moisture that are absorbed by walls. This is usually aided by the use of a concrete sealer, that blocks concrete pores to reduce absorption of water and salt.

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