Top 5 Things To Know About A Construction Site


In engineering, construction is a method of assembling infrastructure using a detailed plan and various materials. In addition to the materials, the design and use case influence the project’s type of construction site. So what happens on a construction site? Construction sites are dangerous places to work. Many accidents occur on construction sites, and employers […]

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Top 4 Things Everyone Should Know Before Building A Home

Stages of a House Construction Project

Building your dream home from scratch is an exciting project! However, building a home is a big responsibility that will require you to play many roles, from planning to budgeting to choosing the contractors who will handle the electrical and plumbing. Since this type of project requires a great deal of time, energy, and consideration, […]

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6 Bizarre Filipino Construction Superstitions You Should Know


We are living in a world that belongs to science and technology. Scientific knowledge and revolutions have crossed all borders and have drastically changed our means of communication, transportation, the way we work, our housing, food, clothing and so much more. In other words, by generating fast and easy solutions for everyday life, science has […]

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Designing A Building: The 5 Essential Steps


There are 5 important steps in the design of a building. These steps allow architects to categorize their work. They represent a breakdown of how architects characterize their design services. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the essential stages of building design. Phase 1: Schematic Design Schematic design […]

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