Evacuation Of Construction Waste: Regulations And Costs


The building and public works sector are one of the most waste-producing sectors. Indeed, whatever the scope of the work to be carried out (construction, renovation, demolition, etc.), it will generate waste that cannot be treated like a household waste. In fact, some of them can be reused, and others not. Moreover, if it is […]

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Cancelling a Demolition Permit: The Steps to Follow

You may find yourself in a situation that requires the partial or total demolition of a building for a possible reconstruction project. To begin this work, you will generally need to apply for a demolition permit. However, a change in circumstances could force you to dispense with this administrative document at the last minute. What […]

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Pre-Purchase Real Estate Appraisal: What You Need To Know In 2022


The purchase of a house or an apartment represents an important investment. Therefore, it is necessary to be particularly attentive to the property’s condition before taking the plunge. The realization of pre-purchase expertise can help future purchasers to identify possible defects or hidden defects. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn […]

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