5 Simple Steps to Building Your Rustic Brick Fireplace

Considering a rustic brick fireplace for your living room? Rustic brick fireplaces bring warmth and comfort to the home. You can gather with your family and friends and enjoy a winter afternoon around it. In addition, it is a very decorative element that will not go unnoticed.

We will teach you in detail, step by step, how to make a rustic brick fireplace so that you can make it yourself.

Tips Before Building Rustic Brick Fireplaces

The first thing we need to do before we start building the structure of the fireplace is to make indicative plans. We must define the measurements and the place where we will place the chimney and the smoke outlet.

Normally, fireplaces are placed in the living room or the main room of the house. The area around the stove should be free of furniture and flammable materials to prevent a spark from igniting an object. It is advisable to leave at least a one-meter safety distance around the fireplace.

Regarding the measurements, we must define the size, proportion and dimension of the chimney. In addition, we must specify the size of the flue, the size of the throat, shoulder and collector.

In general, the standard measurement of the mouth of the chimney is 80 cm in height, between 70 and 100 cm in width and 75 cm in depth. A chimney with these measurements will have to close the rear wall to about 25×15 cm.

Regarding the smoke outlet, it is necessary to consider the rules and construction requirements and the appropriate measures for each type of chimney. This is essential, because if the measures are not correct, the smoke will return to the house or the fire will go out very quickly. In general, if we have to make the smoke outlet, we have to ask for the permit or license to the city hall.

The smoke outlet must be as straight as possible and be well sealed. In addition, it should extend one meter above the roof and respect minimum distances from obstacles such as trees or walls of at least 8 or 10 meters around it.


  • Trowel
  • Agitator
  • Level


  • Cement

  • Refractory bricks

  • Separation bricks

  • Sand

  • Water

  • Bucket

  • Support pieces

  • Mason’s pencil

Step by Step to Build Rustic Brick Fireplaces

Step 1

We will start by placing the base or floor of the fireplace, This step is very important, because it will depend on the fact that the chimney is leveled and more resistant..

To guide us, we mark the outline of the chimney on the ground with a mason’s pencil. Then we make mortar by mixing four parts cement sand to one part cement and one part water.

Now that we have the mass, we place the refractory bricks by applying the mass between them. In order for the bricks to be equalized, we must give small blows and adjust them well. In addition, to avoid leaving gaps between the bricks, we must fill the joints.

Step 2

Next, we continue to build our chimney by placing refractory bricks aligned and leveled at the bottom of the wall and on the sides. The structure must be well sealed.

On the interior walls, it is best to use refractory cement. In addition, it may be necessary to cut the bricks to make them fit better.

Step 3

After completing the sides, interior and base, we will create a reinforced lintel capable of supporting the chimney. Depending on the size of the chimney, we can use stainless steel beams, sheet steel, planks and concrete or bricks.

Step 4

We form the bottom of the wall with a slope of more than 35 degrees above 15 cm from the lintel level. Now that we have completed the structure, we must build the smoke outlet with mortar and bricks.

To facilitate the work, we can use wooden slats, wire mesh or plywood as a mold until the structure dries.

To prevent rain from entering the chimney, we can make a small slope or buy elements for this purpose.

Step 5

Finally, we will cover the smoke outlet with 1 cm of plaster. We must wait a few days before we can use the chimney and paint the plaster.

Using a Rustic Brick Fireplace Kit

If you are not convinced to make the chimney from scratch, you can use the chimney kits that are sold in DIY stores. These kits include everything you need to install the most decorative rustic fireplace.

You will need to assemble all the parts and cover the chimney tube with plaster.

So what are your thoughts on those simple steps? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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