How To Prevent Pests During Construction?

How To Prevent Pests During Construction?

When you are building a new house, it is inevitable to cross paths with pests. And, unless you enclose your house and live inside a bubble, it’s practically impossible to build a house that’s completely impenetrable to insects. However, if you want to prevent a pest infestation before, during or after your construction project make sure you are following these guidelines.

Before the Whole Construction Process/ During the Planning Phase:

Before the Whole Construction Process/ During the Planning Phase:The success of the fight against various construction pests, first of all, depends on the timely implementation of protective measures during the planning phase –in layman’s terms, an effective way of prohibiting bugs from invading your house in the future is by getting rid of them way before the house is built.

If you haven’t bought a plot of land yet, then make sure you don’t choose one that’s by a water source or on a very uneven land. On the other hand, if you’ve already bought your land, the best thing you could do is to hire a reliable pest control company; explain your construction project and have them collaborate with your architect. Through their studies and meta-analysis, these experts will find out if your construction site consists of any resident pest population or not. Once these professionals are convinced that your land is infested, they will follow with a plan of action.

They would start, for example, by finding out exactly what kind of pests they’ll be dealing with and then, they’ll find the initial source. Using advanced technology, the latest equipment and tools and their initial inspection of the premises, they will eradicate the majority of these pests.

Today, most pest control professionals favor the use of biological control agents, also called bioagents, as compared to chemical pesticides because they leave behind no long-lasting results that remain in the environment. They don’t leach into groundwater and do not create resistant strains of insects. Therefore, the integrated use of bioagents in combination with other protective measures will protect your land from any six-legged insects.

During the Construction Phase

Keep in mind that even if you’ve gone beyond the planning phase, there are still countless effective methods of eradicating construction pests. In fact, one of the primary requirements in construction pest control is the building of a good dwelling unit.

Architecture plays a crucial role in designing a home that can be relatively free from bugs, but there are two things that are worth remembering: one, it is important to have an inspection carried out by a pest control team at this stage and two, the continual upkeep will eventually depend on the end user.

During this phase, your construction contractor needs to proactively work alongside the pest control team to implement an effective pest elimination program. Some pest control experts also recommend termite pre-treatment of some raw materials as this can protect your house. When your house is built with materials that insects cannot chew through and when it’s sealed airtight, it will secure the house from any pest infestations.

It is very difficult for bugs to penetrate in a modern concrete and brick building. The primary routes include doors, windows and the house’s plumbing system. However, these can be made relatively impermeable by using window screens, correct traps and drainage systems.

It is also important for the construction crew to have good hygiene practices to avoid any insect infestations. Abandoned take-outs and food containers are very common on construction sites and unfortunately, these can be breeding grounds for pests. In addition, construction equipment and tools must be kept in a proper way, avoiding debris that could attract insects.

During the Final Phase

During the Final PhaseWhen a new house is being built, some details can be easily overlooked, which can indirectly act as a magnet for insects.

For instance, in almost all new homes and apartments, there is no seal or skirting in that floor/wall joint area. It might look fine to you but there is a tiny gap there –a gap big enough for pests to build their house. If you leave it like it is, it’s a sort of risk you are going to have to take.

It’s better to hire a pest control team who can find out whether there are any insects lying entombed beneath that gap.

Note: If there’s a central air conditioning system in your house, then regular treatment of the cooling towers is strongly recommended.



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