Level Your Floors With Self-Leveling

If your concrete floors require repair, is cracked or has varying elevations, Self-levelling cement can be a good alternative for leveling these issues without having to fix the entire structure of the floor. Everyone loves it because it can be poured in one day and walked over the next!

Self-leveling is one of the newest and renowned trends, it is polymer-modified cement that does not require large volumes of water added to it for placement. The result is a smooth flat surface with a very high compressive strength and low permeability. It is an ultimate solution for the restoration of damaged concrete and level uneven floors, resulting in a smooth finish that is just perfect for the installation of different types of surface structures, including laminate, natural stone, ceramic, and wood flooring.

What Is Self-Levelling?

Laying ceramic tiles on uneven concrete subfloor results in cracked tiles from people walking across the surface. Any dip or bump along the concrete subfloor creates an unstable surface for the tile, compromising its weight-bearing structure. Before any flooring is installed, a self-leveling compound should be applied to the concrete surface.

Self-leveling compounds are cement-based powdered mixtures that a worker prepares before application. The compound is spread across a hard, concrete floor and leveled with a trowel or roller. The compound fills in the concrete dips and covers the bumps. The resulting floor is level for applying new flooring on top

Can Self-Levelling Be A DIY Job?

Although seeming like an easy job, it is not a DIY project for various reasons:

·        The end result might look good for months or a couple of years but if it has not been properly done, it will eventually start cracking. Moreover, if the floors move or bounce, that cement can crack too.

·        The product itself is costly and if it is not professionally done, it will be expensive and hard to fix.

·        Self-levelling is a very tricky product to work with.

·        With so many self-leveling products from different manufacturers, you need to bear in mind that each of them has its own set of processes and instructions that must be followed precisely.

Hiring The Right Professional For The Job

One of the hardest parts of installing a floor coating is getting the surface perfectly even. It’s a lot like trying to draw a straight light. It sounds a lot easier than it is to do! Hiring a professional to get it done is the best option!

A professional has the experience and knowledge required to know how to work with it.  He will take into account all the variables such as heat, moisture and more that might affect the end result. As well, taking into consideration how long the self-leveling cement is mixed for, at what speed, how properly it’s mixed, application time, how long it sits, how it cures, how much water is added, how much aggregate or bonding agent is added can all make or break your project. Moreover, he is better equipped to provide you with a perfectly leveled surface.

Choosing The Right Manufacturer

There are many self-leveling cement products, from many different manufacturers, and each of them has its own set of processes and instructions to ensure it gets done right.

Even if a store representative or tradesperson recommends a certain type of self-leveling cement for your project, you still need to ask the advice of the professional you hired, because even just one slight difference can change everything.

The professional will know what substrate it’s going to be applied to and what flooring is being installed over top of it. Also, some products can have tiles installed on top, others require a decoupling membrane on the substrate before the cement can be poured. Some require a primer, others don’t; sometimes the primer needs to be dry, other times it needs to be sticky or more liquid, and so more. Different self-leveling products must be mixed to different (and very specific) consistencies.

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