Top 4 Things To Know About Demolition

Demolition of houses seems to be a simple job. Nevertheless, preparations must be made before a machine can start working. You don’t tear down your house right away when you decide to move and have it demolished. Home demolition can be a real hassle, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

Demolition is a long-winded process before you can say it’s done. If you are demolishing your first home, you must take care of some preparations before you can even start. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some things you should know about home demolition.

1. Find a demolition company


Demolishing a house is not a do-it-yourself project. While some people can easily do it themselves, demolishing a home is dangerous. Using a licensed and insured demolition company is still the best option for this task. When you hire a demolition company, they can provide options and solutions for the demolition you are considering.

As experienced professionals in this field, they also know how to protect against injuries and other potential hazards and how to make the project safe for all parties involved. Demolition companies also have the necessary materials and equipment to complete the demolition project. Look for a professional company that will help you out throughout this process; if you are in Toronto, then contact Govana Construction Company Corp.

2. Get the necessary permits and inspections.

If you are planning to demolish, you need to follow local regulations to ensure that you are doing the work correctly. Get the permits before you start the demolition work. This requires filling out some paperwork. For example, if a giant tree is blocking the path, you must first have it removed. For this, you need a tree permit from your city. Check your state’s website for current demolition rules.

If you use a demolition company, they will likely inspect the house before demolishing it. Your local government may also require inspections to issue permits. This is especially important for older homes. Inspections are necessary to determine if there are hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead paint. Asbestos-containing materials are dangerous to everyone working on the job site, as inhaling asbestos can lead to lung cancer and other health problems. An asbestos inspection should be performed to determine if remediation is required prior to demolition.

3. Method of demolition 


The first thing you should do on your list of demolition tasks is deciding which method to use when demolishing your home. You can demolish a house in two ways: deconstruction or mechanical demolition. Deconstruction is demolition by hand. You can get the help of your contractor, that will best advise you on what method to use for your specific need.

Nevertheless, mechanical demolition uses hydraulic excavators and other heavy machinery to tear down your house. You dismantle and remove the house piece by hand to recover the materials that can still be used. In this method, about 25% of the materials can be reused, and 70% can be recycled.

4. Do not stay in your home during demolition and recover salvageable materials

When the mess and dust settle, do not stay in your home during demolition. It would be unwise and unsafe for you to stay there. The same goes for your pets. The risk of falling objects and debris should be reason enough for you not to be in your home during demolition.

If there is anything in your home that can be salvaged, let your construction company know so they can salvage those materials for reuse, resale, or donation. If there is a charity that can help you for free, you may want to consider this as well. You can donate the salvageable materials and support the organization while helping you save time and money.

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