Choose Waxed Concrete for Your Bathroom

Waxed concrete in a bathroom is not only very aesthetic but also very easy to maintain.

Laying waxed concrete in the bathroom

A bathroom is an ideal place for the laying of waxed concrete. It will delicately adorn the walls and floor with shiny or satin shards.

Waxed concrete floors and walls are protected against moisture by a special wax coating.

Maintenance is carried out with a simple sponge to remove any traces of limestone.

Caution: not very porous, waxed concrete can be slippery once laid on the floor. It will, therefore, be important to place gratings, for example, to avoid any accidents!

What type of waxed concrete in a bathroom?

A designer and a very personal atmosphere is very appropriate in a waxed concrete bathroom.

For this, you can, for example, have:

– on the floor: a washed concrete or a deactivated concrete which will avoid a too slippery floor;

– on the walls: a very shiny smooth concrete.

To give light in the bathroom, add ochre pigment to the waxed concrete for the walls.

To give the wall and floor coverings their full value, it will be important to keep a bare look for the furniture.

Waxed concrete and decorating ideas in the bathroom

Here is an example of a possible layout in your waxed concrete bathroom:

– Choose furniture with a brushed steel and natural fiber structure.

– An imitation stone or marble basin (depending on your budget) will be placed against the main wall. It should be suspended and no furniture will be placed underneath.

– Avoid overloading the shelving walls: the objective remains to highlight the effects of the waxed concrete.

◦ Prefer a free-standing shelf that will allow for the storage of bathroom linen, for example.

◦ An opaque glass shelf will be placed above the basin to hold everyday objects.

– A large unframed designer mirror will be placed on the door to reflect the light.

– Match the bath and bathroom linen with the pigment associated with the waxed concrete. It will be united to stand out and give a touch of color.

– According to your desires, bath mats of the same color will decorate the floor when you get out of the bathtub (or shower stall) for optimal comfort.

– Brushed steel wall lights will be placed above the basin. These will bring a subdued atmosphere to your bathroom.

Do you want to read more on waxed concrete? Here is an interesting post: Laying Waxed Concrete in a Kitchen and Fitting It Out.

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  8. Hi Joan,

    I stumbled upon your blog earlier this year when I was looking for advice on waxed concrete. I never realized how perfectly waxed concrete fits for bathrooms till I read this. I run a concrete contracting firm in Nashville that tries to have a very design-focus when taking residential projects. This is one of the articles I give my customers to read so they understand some more about concrete in bathrooms and how amazing it could look. We have lately taken inspiration from here to really incorporate waxed concrete into all our major projects and it is becoming very trendy in houses here! And once guests visit their friends houses, they come to us because they were thinking of a bathroom remodel and want to incorporate concrete instead of tile. Darker waxed concrete walls with gold trimmings and lighter finish waxed concrete walls have been the most popular designs homeowners have picked for my projects!

    I have also incorporated into this replacing chipped marble or granite counters in the bathroom with a concrete countertop stained with epoxy. I would love your take on it and get your expertise there for additional inspiration!

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