5 Reasons To Use A Hydraulic Crane

The hydraulic crane is helpful in certain specific situations. Basically, it is a tool used in loading and unloading operations and the logistics sector. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this incredible machine! Would you like to get to know this handy machine a little better?


So, What Is a Hydraulic Crane?

A hydraulic crane is a sophisticated mechanism for loading and unloading, transporting or lifting loads of different sizes and weights. It is used in many a comprehensive array of jobs, has many functions, as shown below, and can be permanently mounted or built into a truck. In general, it is mainly used in construction and industrial work. This work equipment has a hydraulic motor or pump that exerts force based on oils to pressure the hydraulic circuit. For subsequent safe unloading, cylinders and pistons generate sufficient lifting force to load and move weighty materials and objects. Among the most common applications requiring hydraulic cranes are, therefore, the following:

  • Loading and unloading of vehicles and machines of all kinds
  • Assisting in works such as the assembly of concrete structures and metal beams in buildings
  • Handling cumbersome objects, such as industrial machinery
  • Lifting loads to great heights, such as air-conditioning and industrial refrigeration machines
  • Transport of concrete buckets for building structures, and
  • Lifting of persons for work at a height following the EN280 standard for lifting devices, using an operator basket.


The Benefits of Using Hydraulic Cranes

The main advantage of using hydraulic cranes is that, due to their nature, they are installed on 2-, 3- or even 4-axle trucks with open bodywork. That means that when a customer hires a truck-mounted crane, in addition to carrying out lifting work without having to hire an additional machine, they can move or transport loads in the same service and without incurring higher costs, which would not be the case with other types of cranes, such as self-propelled cranes, gantry cranes or tower cranes.


#1. Specific Effect

That’s the very first and major advantage of using a hydraulic crane. A hydraulic crane can lift twice its own weight in a tiny radius, making this type of crane ideal for working in warehouses or in spaces where height is a constraint because, unlike other cranes, it does not need to extend its entire arm to work. Moreover, if fitted on a truck with reduced dimensions, it makes the set compact and can work in spaces that are difficult to access for other types of cranes.


#2. Weight

Hydraulic cranes are usually installed on multi-axle trucks. Therefore, it is widely used in construction and industries such as airports, roads, large buildings and large engineering projects. A significant advantage of hydraulic cranes is that due to their low weight, the aggregate crane + truck in some cases does not exceed 20 tons, and this makes it possible to place a truck crane with a hydraulic crane on a waffle slab, which usually has a resistance of about 2.5TN per square meter.


#3. Safety

In addition, the use of hydraulic cranes is very safe. Due to its operating mechanism, it has safety valves that prevent the crane from releasing the load it carries in case of a breakdown.


#4. Always Ready to Work

An excellent advantage, since this equipment, does not show any inconvenience to put them to work at any time. They do not need to be warmed up or pre-treated before starting to work.


#5. Dimensions

In addition to the low dead weight, the dimensions of a hydraulic crane in its working position are small compared to other types of cranes that can perform similar work, which means that the space occupied by the crane in its working position is minimal, allowing the passage of other vehicles or teamwork with other companies or fitters in the same work area.


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  1. It’s nice that you talked about how the use of hydraulic cranes is very safe. I passed by a construction site while driving the other day and I saw a hydraulic crane in it. From what I’ve heard, it seems there are actually hydraulic crane rental services now, which sounds pretty useful.

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