Let’s Learn More About Construction Management

What is Construction Management?

Owners benefit from effective construction project management because it increases the likelihood that the project will be completed on time, on budget and without financial or legal complications. Construction management is a professional service that oversees the planning, design and construction of a project using specialized project management techniques. While project supervision services evolve over time, construction management strives to optimize industry best practices, prudent management decision making, and efficient and transparent project control and reporting methods.

Construction management is especially important for large projects, which have a higher risk of problems that can significantly delay the project and cost money. A construction manager evaluates each design decision through careful analysis that calculates the impact on budget and schedule. An unforeseen problem can derail the entire project if a professional construction management team is not in place. When a construction manager is brought in early in the process, the project benefits not only from the construction manager’s ability to better plan for potential problems, but also from the construction manager’s ability to find opportunities to save time and money.

Project management can also help establish clear lines of responsibility. When a construction management team is in place, there is little doubt as to who is making decisions or what the project goals are. The construction manager guides the entire project team so that everyone understands what they are supposed to do and why. The construction manager’s holistic view of the project allows for agile management of risks as they arise.

Planning and Organizing

The planning and organizing stage is the first stage of project management. The project management function includes the development of plans, processes, budgets and resource allocation. Once the project begins, the construction management function serves as the first line of quality control for the execution of the work.

A great construction manager is most often, but not always, an architect or engineer, but always has a great deal of knowledge and experience in construction. Project managers will consider the successes and failures of previous projects to ensure that the current project does not duplicate the bad and benefits from the good.

Pre-construction site management services include selecting delivery systems for construction projects, as well as bidding and interviewing contractors. Effective site managers review contracts to ensure that there is no duplication of obligations between the planner, contractor and owner, and identify a reasonable and realistic schedule for the project. They do this by conducting a review of the feasibility and timing of construction.

Construction Phase

At the construction stage, it is important that the construction manager remains closely involved in the project so as not to be surprised. Construction management monitors the progress of construction and the quality of construction. By monitoring the bidding process, site administrators anticipate delays by instructing contractors to place timely orders, manufacture items with long lead times, and ensure proper trading orders. You can avoid it. The construction manager’s attendance at site meetings and regular reporting are valuable tools for keeping a project on track and avoiding disputes.

Indeed, troubleshooting is one of the primary burdens of the project oversight team. If the project oversight team realizes that the project is not on schedule or on budget as planned by the project management team, they can make adjustments and improvements to help keep the project on track.

Site administrators also ensure centralized communication between contractors, owners, and planners. Having an objective third party who speaks the language of all project participants can reduce the number of change orders and quickly avoid conflicts. Improved communication can result in better integration between the parties and the promotion of useful concessions.

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