5 Steps to Tile a Window Opening


    – Step 1: Make a scale sketch

    – Step 2: Mark out the recess to tile the doorway.

    – Step 3: Installation of corner beads

    – Step 4: Determine an installation order

    – Step 5: Tile the top of the doorway

If you want to tile a window opening without making mistakes, you must plan the installation correctly during the layout stage. To do this, prepare the structure of the wall tiles in advance and mark the wall. Once the wall tiles’ location has been determined, you will then decide on installing the tiles.

These 5 steps below will help you out.

1. Make a scale sketch

Making a scale sketch makes it easier to plan the tile installation.

    – Start by measuring the window opening and its height with a tape measure.

    – Sketch the window opening, showing it flat (see diagram opposite).

    – Use a scale to make the sketch; for example, one tile on the paper equals 20 cm.

2. Draw markers to tile the window opening.

The tiles’ layout that you will use to tile the window opening is based on the wall tiles’ layout.

Mark the recess using the wall tile markings.

Cut tile

You will need to cut tiles to the correct size using the tile cutter to tile the embrasure.

Plan to arrange the cut tiles so that the cuts are as inconspicuous as possible: they will be placed in the edges and at the window.

Corner beads

The corner beads’ location is to be planned during the layout for the installation of the wall tiles.

Indeed, the corner beads must be placed around the recess. Therefore, leave a space for the beads between the last row of tiles and the window recess.

3. Installing corner beads

Tile the wall before installing the beads and then tile the embrasure.

Quarter-round beads allow for a perfect finish on a protruding corner. They also protect the tile by reducing the risk of chipping.

When to install corner beads?

Install corner beads after tiling the wall and before tiling the recess.

    – Make sure that the wall tiles are correctly aligned.

    – Use spacers to define the joint tile spacing between the tile row and the corner bead.

    – Once the corner beads are in place, tile the recess.

How do I install corner beads?

Corner beads are installed in the same manner as tile.

    – Cut the corner beads on all four sides to the correct size with a tile cutter.

    – Apply a narrow strip of glue to the wall at the corner return.

    – Press the bead on top.

    – Align it with the tiles on the tiled wall.

    – Install the spacers to calibrate the thickness of the joint.

    – Using the notched trowel, apply a wide strip of glue on the top of the recess in a vertical motion. Be careful not to loosen the bead by hooking it with a tooth of the trowel.

    – Wipe off traces of adhesive mortar with a damp sponge that is frequently rinsed.

    – Start from the corner bead and tile the recess.

4. Determine an installation order

Once the wall is tiled, and the beads are in place, the window opening must be tiled. Proceed as follows:

    – First, tile the sides of the recess, i.e., the vertical part.

    – Lay the tiles from top to bottom.

    – Then tile the top of the reveal.

    – Tile the bottom of the doorway last.

The installation technique for tiling a window recess is the same as for tiling a wall.

5. Tile the top of the opening.

It is recommended to use cleats to tile the top of the recess. This makes it possible to secure the installation by supporting the tiles (if they are heavy):

    – Glue down the tiles.

    – Place a wooden plank under the tiles.

    – Secure the board with two wooden cleats (see diagram opposite).

    – Wait for 24 to 48 hours for the mortar to dry completely.

Material to tile a window opening


Starting at $5

Tape Measure

Starting at $4


Starting at $4

Adhesive mortar

Approximately $20 for 25 kg

Notched spatula

$3 approx.


From $4

Bubble Level

Starting at $4

Tiler bat

$10 approx.


about $2

Mason’s bucket

Approximately $2

Electric Mixer

Starting at $30 ($20 for the drill, $10 for the mixer)


From $2

Plain Tile

Starting at $20

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