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Foundation Reinforcement: What Are The Essential Points To Consider?

Whether it is the foundation of a condominium building or that of the fence of a house, reinforcement is imperative a few years after its construction. This is also necessary when it shows signs of weakness that could endanger neighbors. The essential points to be considered in this case will be presented in the following.

The state of the ground

aerial view of gray concrete building

The ground is the first essential point to take into account when it comes to reinforcing the foundation. It is the basis of any foundation. It is important to determine the capacity of the type of soil present to achieve the desired result. This is essentially its ability to withstand loads of reinforcement. To have a quality reinforced foundation, the easiest way to take it is to turn to a soil study office or seek the help of a company specializing in general masonry work.

This professional, who is nothing more than a surveyor, will travel to take a series of measurements using various mechanical soundings in the ground. Added to this are electrical prospecting surveys in case you choose to mount the wall for actual rooms to live in.

The materials

The choice of material is the second essential point to consider when it comes to reinforcing the foundation. This is an essential point. These materials are numerous. However, the main element to take care of is iron.

In the reinforcement of a foundation, the craftsman can make use of several types of reinforcement according to the state of the ground. This one can choose the fibrous concretes. This type of reinforcement is characterized by high resistance and also ease of casting.

Added to this are strip footings followed by irons with a diameter of 6 and 40. Twisted and hollow-type irons can also be used. This is the key to any perfect foundation renovation.

Since the materials with which a foundation has been designed are called upon to be confronted with climatic hazards and the weather, it is, therefore, imperative to renovate them. This, therefore, makes it possible to avoid any major incident. The irons are, therefore, part of the first points to consider in this matter.

How do you know that the foundation of a building needs reinforcement?

There are several signs that let a homeowner realize that the foundation of their home needs renovation. The most visible are, among other things, cracks, shifting of the boards, or even slight tremors.

The presence of cracks

It may be a question of cracks on the surface of the foundation or that in the beams under the load-bearing walls. It is quite normal to observe cracks on the surfaces of the foundation over time of a building. This, therefore, indicates serious internal problems with the foundation.

It is also the same in terms of the presence of visible cracks in the beams under the load-bearing walls. The presence of cracks is, therefore, the first indication or sign of reinforcement.

Floor offset

The problem of foundation reinforcement can also be identified at the level of the floors of the upper floor. If you notice that these floors are no longer level with the building, it is best to call in an architect. The main thing is to react as soon as possible to minimize risks. The sooner you take charge of the problem, the lower the budget for its realization will be.

The tremors

aerial view of crane tower

Start reinforcement work on your foundations if you notice strong movements, such as an airplane passing over the top of your house. If you do not react, over time, your building or fence walls will gradually sag. This can create very serious major incidents.

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