What Is The Purpose Of Zinc Work?

In order to ensure the longevity of your house, it is very important to pay special attention to its waterproofing. In this respect, zinc work is necessary because it protects your roof and your structure from any kind of water infiltration. To find out more about the merits of this work, please read this article.

What is zinc work?

Earthworks and Foundations

Derived from the word zinc, zinc work refers to all the techniques that use zinc to create a perfect waterproofing of the roof of a house. The aim is to prevent rainwater from seeping into the house.

In order to do this work successfully, the professional zinc worker uses zinc as the main material, followed by PVP, copper and aluminum. Apart from these materials, the zinc worker is also called upon to use concrete due to his masonry skills.

Zinc is usually used for “zincing” because it is easy to maintain and especially resistant to water corrosion. For this reason, slate and slate roofs are among the various roof coverings. The choice of the type of roof covering should take into account the region.


These metal elements facilitate the flow of rainwater and make the roof more waterproof. Roofing work, which is usually carried out by roofing companies, also involves special materials.

The main objective of this work is to make a roof very watertight. In this way, the roof can easily withstand the extreme conditions that can affect the house.

The purpose of roofing work

The sole purpose of zinc work is to make a house more watertight. Indeed, the maintenance of the elements of a zinc roof keeps them in very good condition, which allows them to resist violent winds, heavy rains and other extreme conditions.

For example, sometimes gutters are blocked by dead leaves. And this does not allow rainwater to flow easily. In such a situation, you need to carry out periodic maintenance.

The maintenance of these elements is still not difficult to do. However, it does require a lot of skill on the part of the professional doing the work.

The different types of zinc work

To ensure the watertightness of a house’s roof through zinc work, you can choose between two types of work. These are the installation of gutters and the installation of gutters. Find the details below.

Installing gutters

The gutter is one of the most important elements for the roof of a house, especially if you live in a rainy region. It is actually the element that facilitates the circulation of rainwater. Thanks to it, your facades and woodwork are no longer subject to deterioration. Thus, the installation of gutters will allow your roof to be more solid.

Materials used in zinc work

In zinc work, zinc is the material of choice. Gutters, gutters and slate roofs are all made of zinc. It is also a light material and very easy to maintain. Other materials are also used for zinc roofing. These include PVP, copper, aluminum, etc.

However, in order for your zinc work to be successful, you must choose a better zinc worker. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Tips for choosing a roofing contractor

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To be sure that you are entrusting your work to a quality and competent craftsman, you should first compare quotes. In other words, contact at least three professionals to get an idea of reasonable rates.

Next, do your word-of-mouth surveys to get advice or recommendations about a craftsman. Finally, carry out a small survey on the qualities and experience of the craftsman you contacted.

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