The Different Models Of Tipper Trucks

A tipper truck is a very important vehicle needed by construction professionals. However, choosing a tipper truck is not easy. You need to be familiar with the different models available to make a good choice. What is a tipper truck used for? What are the different models available, and what tips do you need to know? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about tipper trucks.

What is a tipper truck used for?


A tipper truck is a very popular vehicle and is appreciated for its various functions. It is used to transport heavy objects and large volumes. It is used in many areas, such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Trade
  • Public works
  • Construction
  • Municipal services

In the construction and public works sectors, the tipper truck is used to transport bulk materials, in particular rubble, sand, earth, gravel and even bricks. It is also used to transport cement. Municipal services use them for rubbish collection.

In agriculture and trade, it is used to transport foodstuffs, animals and other types of goods. It is a very economical utility vehicle that saves you time when transporting materials from one site to another or moving goods. For all your tipper truck needs, contact an expert in the field,

Tipper trucks: What are the different models?

There are five main models of tipper trucks. You should choose your dump truck model according to its intended use.

The detachable tipper

The detachable tipper is a truck with a body that rests on the truck’s chassis and can be detached and placed on the ground as soon as it is needed. It is ideal for transporting and unloading heavy equipment. The tipper truck is widely used on house or road construction sites.

The tipper truck

This is the perfect model for dumping a load. The tipper truck is designed to facilitate the transport and dumping of materials such as sand, soil, and rubble. It is also suitable for rubbish collection. Thanks to the jacks located under the tipper, it can unload its contents from the side or from the rear. For your various jobs, you can opt to hire a tipper.

The tipper truck with side panel

The particularity of this model is that it has the capacity to increase its capacity. This is possible thanks to its sides. It is perfect for transporting large volumes of materials or goods.

The covered dump truck

Unlike other tipper models that are left open, this model allows you to protect its contents with a tarpaulin or net. It is ideal for transporting valuable materials. It is also suitable for transporting materials such as sand or soil. It prevents these materials from spilling onto the road while driving.

The tipper semi-trailer truck

It is perfect for large construction sites, as its capacity is greater than that of any other model or construction machine.

Tipper truck: Some tips for use


To ensure the safety of other motorists or pedestrians, the tipper driver must observe certain safety measures. The driver of a tipper truck must always be alert and aware of what is happening around him. He must know how to use the vehicle’s mirrors to ensure good visibility.

He must also keep an eye on the condition of the tipper and ensure its maintenance. Before unloading, he must check that the unloading area is secure. He must have the reflex to check if there is an overhead obstacle near the tipper (electric wires). A good tipper truck driver must be familiar with urban roads.

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