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Creating An Access Road: A Necessary Step To Facilitate Traffic Flow

Creating a driveway is a necessary step in building a house. It connects the front door and the gate and makes it easier to access the house from the road. The creation of the access road is even part of the steps in the development of a plot of land. On a subdivided plot, this road is already built. However, if you are wondering how to deal with an undeveloped plot of land, here is a clarification on the issue of creating access roads. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about creating an access road.

Creating a driveway: its importance

Earthworks and Foundations

When you buy a new plot of land or a new house, access can often be a problem. Some plots of land are located in areas that are difficult to access or are inaccessible by car. It becomes necessary for the owners to create a small pathway to get home. This solution is very often temporary, especially since the law requires that an access road be created.

This requirement aims to facilitate the circulation of emergency services and public service agents outside. But the access road does not only play these roles. It allows trucks and other vehicles to drive onto the site during construction. Also, after the work is finished, it simplifies the daily life of the owners and their guests. Creating a driveway is therefore important not only for homeowners but also for the community.

Driveway construction work: using a specialist company

Creating driveways is time-consuming and requires specific knowledge. Like all outdoor projects, it often requires ground preparation or earthworks. It is also necessary to respect certain regulations in force concerning the execution of road works. For example, a minimum width of 4 metres must be provided to allow for the movement of large vehicles.

In addition, the road must be thick enough to withstand moisture and the weight of machinery. These are just some of the many requirements for the road. It is, therefore, much better to entrust this task to a company that specializes in the construction of roads and other networks. With their know-how and extensive experience, professionals are better able to create safe, stable and legally compliant roads. They will study your situation and provide appropriate solutions. They may notice problems or aspects that a novice would never notice.

Legal steps

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Every house owner must have free access to the public highway. The right to public roads is a right of access. It is a real right accessory to the right of ownership which enjoys special protection by the law. It manifests itself as a permission de voirie which is a unilateral authorization from the town hall to the resident to benefit from such access. No formal procedure is required before the creation or removal of a riparian access road. However, in practice, contacting the town hall will enable you to find out more about the regulations in your commune. Only the administrative judge can assess the proportionality and legality of the measures taken by the town hall.

In short, creating an access road is an essential step for traffic. It is both a right and a duty of local residents. Every owner, therefore, has the right to have an access road to his house but also the duty to build one. It can, in certain situations, be useful for the needs of the community. However, several rules govern roadworks. It is, therefore, necessary to obtain information and, above all, to entrust the work to professionals.

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