Earthmoving Equipment: What Is It?

Earthmoving equipment is the machinery used to remove, transport, load, elevate, or level the earth. They are, by nature, large and complex. In general, they are self-propelled vehicles in which tools designed to perform specific functions have been integrated.

We notice these types of machines in all earthmoving sites, usually yellow in color. Here is a guide to the different kinds of devices and their functions in earthworks.


In general, we find two types of excavators: those that move with wheels and those equipped with a track for their locomotion. This machine has an arm that ends in a kind of giant spoon. It is designed to collect soil and deposit it in a defined area.

The arm can rotate up to 360 degrees, allowing the operator to excavate, dredge flooded land, demolish and perform other tasks.


A backhoe has the bucket arm at the rear and an adjustable shovel at the front. At first glance, it looks like a tractor widely used in the agricultural industry. This machine is primarily used in urban work, where there is little room for maneuver. One of its significant advantages is that it can move independently.

The versatility of these machines is surprising. The bucket at the rear can be replaced by other tools, larger or smaller, depending on the specific needs of the task.


The bulldozer is perhaps the most representative piece of earthmoving equipment. It is a solid and heavy machine but versatile, reliable, and functional.

The bulldozer is used to move large quantities of earth on wide, open, and flat ground. In addition to its primary function, it can also be used as a grader. The machine is equipped with a dull blade located at ground level.


Loaders come in many shapes and sizes, but they are generally small. They allow various attachments to be mounted, making them act as a drill, compactor, loader, or excavator at any time. They are very versatile machines.


Graders are equipped with a front blade, adjustable to different angles. They are machines designed and built to level a piece of land at specific angles to obtain a flat surface. This feature is essential in the construction of roads and highways.


The channels through which cabling, networks and pipes will be installed, cannot be put in place without the help of trenchers. These fantastic machines are available in many sizes and shapes. Some of them are basic and are operated by a worker on foot. While others, much more complex, can break and open trenches in the hard ground like pavement and asphalt.

The trencher has a system that stores the removed material and can deposit it next to the open trench, as needed.

Dump trucks

Dump trucks are vehicles used to transport soil and debris removed from an earthwork site. They have a “tip” at the rear, which can be tilted to a 90-degree angle. On a highway, these machines behave like other vehicles, allowing them to transport their contents long distances.

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