The Fence Wall To Delimit Your Property in France

The fence wall ensures the protection of a house. Therefore, the materials used in its construction must be well chosen. There are different types of fence walls. To learn more about this subject, read the following article!

Regulations for the Construction of the Fence Wall

Before building a fence wall, it is necessary to learn about the legislation in force. Here is all that is dictated by the Cerfa n°514334*03:

  • The construction of a 2 m high wall is recommended to optimize the privacy and security of a property.
  • Any fence wall over 2 meters high must be subject to a building permit. You must then fill out a prior declaration of work.
  • A party wall that separates two adjacent properties may not be the responsibility of only one of the owners.
  • A fence wall should never close the passage, obstruct the view of the neighbors, or be built on a protected area without the express authorization of the Bâtiments de France.
  • The land on which the wall is built should imperatively be bounded. If this is not the case, the owner then must call a surveyor to delimit his land.

The Different Types of Fence Wall

To reinforce the security of your property, it is essential to choose a suitable material for the construction of your wall: cinder block, stone, wood, PVC, vegetal, etc.

The Cinder Block Fence Wall:

This type of wall is solid and durable. It also makes your property difficult for burglars to access. Its construction is quite difficult, it is necessary to call upon a mason. In addition, you can coat or paint it to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Also, it can perfectly imitate a stone or even a cladding.

There are two types of breeze block: 15 or 20. The first is recommended for a fence wall or a simple low wall, while the second can be used for any construction.

The stone fence wall:

It is a material with authentic and natural charm. In the past, the stone was used to build low walls, but today it is also used to construct fencing walls.

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The wooden fence wall:

Wood is a warm material. To build a fence wall, many species can be used, such as fir, pine, or exotic wood. However, wood is rarely used because it is not weather resistant. In addition, its cost is relatively high.

The vegetal fence wall:

The vegetal fence wall is currently in vogue. Moreover, it is possible to find plants that are easy to maintain for the design of a green wall: beech and laurel. To prevent the hedge from becoming invasive, it must be pruned regularly. Don’t forget to water it either.

The Price of the Installation of a Fence Wall

The price of building a fence wall depends on the material used in its construction:

  • for a wooden fence wall: you should count between 15 euros and 50 euros per m²;
  • for a cinder block wall: the average cost is between 40 euros and 60 euros per m²;
  • for a planted fence wall: the cost of planting a hedge of less than 0.50 m is between 30 euros
  • and 55 euros per linear meter, while for a hedge of 1 m in height, the price varies between 40 euros and 100 euros. Beyond these heights, the cost can go up to 200 euros.

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