Top 6 Methods Of Masonry Demolition

For safety reasons or the need for construction, the owner may have to proceed to demolish a building. In order not to affect the neighborhood, deconstruction requires a precise technique that varies according to the location of the building, its height, and the construction materials. There are several demolition techniques, including manual, mechanical and automatic. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about demolition and masonry.

1. Leveling


The dismantling consists in knocking down a structure from its top. It is adapted to destroy high constructions such as towers, church towers, and walls. It is also used to lower the height of construction without affecting the foundations. This is the case of a partial renovation.

Similarly, this technique is necessary to destroy a building located in a narrow location in order to secure its surroundings from falling stones. In addition, its implementation is done manually using pneumatic sledgehammers and hammers, scrap metal clamps, concrete clamps, scaffolding, a hydraulic rock breaker, etc. To avoid accidents, the laws impose the installation of a work floor when the site is at the height of 6 meters from the ground.

2. Undermining

Contrary to dismantling, undermining consists of collapsing a structure by attacking its foundation first. Its objective is to provoke a collapse in order to gain time in the demolition works. Thus, this technique is fast but presents a danger to the buildings in the vicinity. It is carried out manually using the same equipment as for demolition.

3. The bucket and hook technique

This mechanical method consists of demolishing a construction site using a large clamp called a bucket or hook installed on a machine’s mechanical arm. This technique is used to demolish heavy construction that resists traction. Examples are load-bearing walls and concrete houses. This type of wall is characterized by a large thickness of 15 cm. In addition, the bucket technique facilitates the loading of the rubble directly into a skip. You can rent this equipment from a skip rental company. In addition, the hook shovel is used to recover and crush a concrete block when it falls.

4. The Bulldozer Method

Another interesting technique to achieve demolition is to opt for a bulldozer. This construction machine is equipped with a blade that can be directed in all directions. Thus, this device exerts pressure on the constructions to cause a collapse. In addition, the demolition work and the removal of rubble are done in a short time. This method is practical but can only be carried out for buildings with a height of at least 3 meters because the bulldozer arm is long.

5. Demolition with explosives

The demolition with the explosive consists in making it explode directly at a building site to be able to devastate it. It is fast and very economical. This process is used to collapse buildings at the height of over 20 meters. The demolition with the explosive can be done in different ways, of which the most common are the interior blasting and the hinge. In addition, the risk forecast and safety measures must be taken before the explosion.

6. Demolition by cutting


Cutting demolition is custom-made destruction by means of sawing. For this, different cutting equipment is required. For example, harder materials are cut with synthetic diamonds, while softer materials are split with set diamonds. When the work is underwater, hydro-demolition or ground saws are used. These materials allow precise cutting and do not generate any vibration.

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