Construction Of A Veranda: What Type Of Roof To Choose?

In a house extension project, building a veranda is a common project. Indeed, this type of work is both an enhancement of the house but also a living space in its own right. However, for a veranda to effectively contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the occupants of the house, it must respect certain important points. In addition to the choice of construction material, the roof is also a choice that greatly influences the comfort of this space.

What to consider?


When you give your home a fresh coat of paint, you can replace the old roof and patterns with a newer version of it without any risk. However, you need to contact a professional who can advise you on the best course of action and the best roof that will suit your home. There are many factors that you need to consider:

    • Cost
    • Do you want to choose an environmentally friendly and recycled solution?
    • Does your roof have a slope?
    • Is it disaster resistant?
    • Is the material heavy?
    • What type of roof is allowed by local building codes?
    • Will the roof style match your home?

The elements to consider when choosing a veranda roof.

The veranda is an important construction because it is part of the extension of the house. Therefore, this type of project must respect the regulations in force.

The local urban plan

Before any extension project, it is essential to consult the local urban plan in order to comply with the various regulations regarding architecture and choice of materials.

Declaration of work and building permit

For any construction whose surface exceeds 5 m², additional administrative procedures are required:

The declaration of works

This concerns all construction work whose surface area does not exceed 20 m². To do this, consult the local town hall for information.

The building permit


A building permit is required for all works with a surface area of more than 40 m². The application file must be submitted to the local town hall. To be validated, the project must comply with the town planning rules.

The type of veranda

Before choosing the type of roof, it is essential to define the orientation of the veranda and also the type of installation (verandas in herringbone, in support, or embedded). These criteria influence the choice of the roof.

Types of roofing for a veranda

In addition to the criteria, to choose a roof for a veranda, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of each material and the shape of the roof.

1. Polycarbonate roofing

The advantages of polycarbonate roofing are resistance to different weather conditions and ease of installation. Therefore, it is suitable for all configurations of your space. Also, this material is insulating because of its composition and thickness, which can reach 52 mm. This type of roofing is still in high demand, although it is sometimes criticized for its lack of aesthetics.

2. Glass roofing for better insulation

Even if the glass roof is a classic for the veranda, it remains very popular. Indeed, opting for the glass roof can bring a consistent brightness to this structure and a way to increase its comfort. Glass is mostly used for steel, wood, and aluminum verandas. Also, to make the most of your space, it is necessary to insulate it well. In this case, choosing double and triple glazing is essential.

Moreover, glass requires a robust structure, as it is a heavy material. Moreover, it is a delicate material and therefore more expensive to install. In addition, the price of construction is higher than for other types of verandas. Indeed, the installation of the roof and the construction of verandas are done only by a specialist.

3. Tile roofing for a rustic charm


Tile and slate are among the most commonly used materials for the veranda roof. Indeed, these two materials are both solid and waterproof. They are also easy to maintain and renovate. It also works in the creation of verandas, pergolas, and insulation work. To choose the veranda roof, it is recommended to call a professional company.

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