Everything You Need To Know About Building Frames

The frame is used to support or cover buildings. It is usually made of wood. In addition, it is an important element in the finishing of the construction of a house. To learn more about this topic, read on!

What are the different types of wood frames?


There are four types of timber frames:

  • The traditional frame is quite complex to build. Indeed, it is made of solid wood pieces shaped with pins or bolts. This type of frame is very resistant and has a beautiful aesthetic appearance. The traditional frame is used in the development of attics because it is able to support very large loads and has a good capacity for fire resistance.
  • The industrial frame is a wooden frame connected with screws and metal connectors. It is less expensive, and its standard shape and size make it easy to install. It is therefore adapted to the different configurations of a house. This type of framework is particularly suitable for homes and structures that no longer require extension and expansion.
  • The flat roof structure is generally found in urban areas. For its realization, the slope of the roof should not exceed 15 degrees. The majority of flat roof structures are made of concrete, and their architecture is quite special to ensure rainwater drainage. With this type of framework, you can build a garden in height.
  • Glulam frames are less common and are used for public buildings or work areas. Glulam is a slow-burning, fire-resistant material.

Other types of framing:

Metal framing is the direct competitor to wood framing. It constitutes the framework of industrial buildings. They are less resistant to fire because their characteristics decrease as the temperature increases. We can also talk about the framework in diamond mesh or Zollinger slats. This type of frame was created in 1923. It does not require a beam but is essentially made of several boards of fairly short lengths.

But nowadays, there are durable and easy-to-maintain metal frames. Obviously, they are intended for the construction of housing or offices. The concrete frame is designed for the construction of flat roofs. In addition to being less expensive, it resists all the hazards of time.

Finally, the composite frame is composed of several materials such as wood or metal. The resulting beams allow for a greater span. In addition, it is easy to install and offers more convenience.

What materials are needed for the frame?


The main material for the frame is wood such as oak, poplar, fir, or pine. But you can also use siding, concrete, or metal.

What is the role of a carpenter?

A carpenter is a worker who specializes in carpentry. They take care of essential buildings’ construction or renovation work, such as churches’ historical monuments. But their main role is to maintain the frames. This work requires experience and proven know-how. Contact a professional carpenter to benefit from work with impeccable finishes. You can also use the services of a specialized company.

The carpenter often offers a range of services such as creating and designing dressing rooms, carpentry, etc. This professional uses sophisticated machines and tools to facilitate his tasks. They take care of the assembly and the assembly and apply different types of finishes (varnish, stain, paint…). They also take care of the layout.

Unlike a cabinetmaker, a carpenter has technical skills, such as mastering geometry. But they must also show manual dexterity and a certain artistic sense. In addition, the carpenter must know other materials such as PVC, aluminum, laminate, chipboard… In sum, it is instead a craftsman specializing in the work of second-work as the significant works that affect the buildings (creation of wood siding, for example).

Final thought


If everyone had an office job, then no one would take care of our garbage or be there in the McDonald’s drive-through. A nine-to-five job is not for everyone, and some people are better with their hands and go for more unconventional jobs. Framing is something that more of us should learn about, and this is where we come in handy.

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