1 Euro Insulation in France: Scam or Good Plan?

Many people are contacted by phone for 1 euro attic insulation. It is a very tempting offer, but it is always followed by an important question: is it a scam? The answer is no, provided you are very careful. Discover here all the essential information about 1 euro insulation.

What Is 1 Euro Insulation?

It is not a “help in itself”, but rather a commercial name. Indeed, 1 Euro insulation does not exist from a legal point of view. On the other hand, it is directly linked to the CEE or Energy Savings Certificates.

In practical terms, this term means that if the house owner signs an estimate for a 1 euro insulation, the person who will do the work will be paid afterward by a large group. This offer is usually for the insulation of lost attics and income from a more significant premium.

What are the conditions to benefit from a 1 euro insulation?

If you want to benefit from this offer, you should know that there are conditions to be met:

  • A dwelling of more than 2 years: the 1 euro insulation concerns secondary and primary residences with more than two years of existence.
  • A certified contractor: the person in charge of carrying out the work must be recognized by the RGE or Reconnu Garant de l’Environnement.
  • An adequate insulation thickness: the insulation must be thick enough and have a specific thermal resistance.

Where Are the Traps in All This?

Such an offer is often trapped, so you must be very careful and well informed before signing the contract:

Abusive Canvassing

In the case where several specialized companies contact you to propose the realization of your insulation work, they are often very insistent. They can even go so far as to develop misleading arguments.

Reimbursements After the Work Is Done

Avoid a company that offers to finance the work with a loan and promises to give you the benefit of a 1 euro insulation. This kind of aid is not possible.


Never trust a professional who puts pressure on the uncertainty of the device. Especially if he tells you to sign as soon as possible or it will be too late.

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Insulation at 1 Euro: Are There Any Risks?

Most of the professionals specializing in these insulation works at lower cost are often in economic logic. This means that they try to start the worksites as soon as possible, and that is the most profitable. In addition, they do not follow the necessary steps and procedures before beginning the work. Ask yourself this question: why does a company persist in driving more than an hour to insulate a small area?

Here Are a Few Signs That Indicate a Rushed Job:

  • No technical visit: the specialist arrives on-site and does not perform a technical visit. This is imperative before the work begins;
  • No control of the building: when he arrives, the professional does not check the quality of the installation of the already existing insulation.
  • No installation of the fire safety: the chimney flues and the spotlights are badly integrated.

To avoid a botched job, it is strongly advised to leave the task to specialists involved in insulation work and the repair of building facades.

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