Discover the 5 Main Trades in Metalwork

Metal is one of the most robust building materials. It can be presented in different forms: iron, steel, cast iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, and brass. Therefore, metal materials can be used in many areas such as decoration, construction, landscaping, public works, etc.

According to its definition on Wikipedia, “Metalwork is a discipline of the building industry tending to group together the trades that manufacture or install metal works for the building.” Thus, we will see in this article the 5 main trades in metalwork.

The Metal Construction

Most professionals in construction work choose metal materials as a frame and/or framework. Steel is often the first choice of metal builders when it comes to materials for structural and roofing applications. The main reason for this choice is the high fire and corrosion resistance of this type of metal. In addition, it requires very little maintenance. For railings and pipes, they often opt for copper equipment because of its resistance to impact, fire, and water.

In a few words, metal construction includes manufacturing and installing metal structures.

Metal Carpentry

On the one hand, metal carpentry refers to metal working to carry out various types of cladding work. Among others, we can mention the cladding of facades, windows, doors, etc. On the other hand, metal joinery is a field that is often associated with the manufacture of articles and metal works such as locks, partitions, verandas that will not only optimize the spaces in the house but at the same time give it aesthetics. The manufacture of metal furniture can also be part of metal carpentry.

The Decoration Layout

It is trade-in metalwork mainly concerned with establishing various kinds of works for the office, home, business, and street.

In general, decorative metalwork combines metal with other materials such as wood or glass to achieve a decorative result that is both robust and stylish. For example, we can associate wrought iron with solid wood to have a discreet and solid shelf or bedside table, combine steel with glass to achieve a successful design of a glass office, or dress a concrete staircase with a metal railing to obtain a durable and elegant structure.

Metalwork and Locksmith

Like the decoration department, the metalwork-ironmongery also works to realize light works such as staircases, railings or banisters, etc. In the past, the metalworking industry was only concerned with manufacturing and installing locks and various security mechanisms such as protective grills, window guards, armored doors, etc. The specialist in the field of metalwork is called a “metalworker-locksmith”.

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The Ironwork of Art

Ironwork refers to iron material to obtain an artistic and / or decorative rendering of a work, a house, or a building. Hence the name wrought iron. As outcomes resulting from the ironwork sector in metalwork, we have the fences in bars, railings for balconies, gates, etc.

In other words, ironwork is the set of techniques of the iron material that aims to realize an artistic work, an interior and/or exterior decoration. In short, ironwork is decorative art.

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