Zinc Roof For Waterproofing & Insulation

The zinc roofing includes all the elements of decoration and protection of the roof. It is mainly used to waterproof the roof. Today, they are made with other materials and metals such as aluminum, steel, copper, PV, etc.

The Installation of the Platforms

Compared to conventional roofing, the work of covering a platform is less expensive. Known for its high resistance to weathering, zinc decking is very popular with individuals and professionals. It is very flexible and easy to maintain. It is often used to extend a house without spoiling the sun or the view. It is also made to cover a veranda.

On the other hand, derbigum is a roofing material with a lifespan of about 45 years. Not only is it convenient to install, but it also requires very little maintenance.

We also have the vegetal alternative. These vegetated platforms are perfect materials for those who want to add a natural and personalized touch to their roof. There are two types of green roofs:

Extensive green roofs: requiring a less solid framework and less maintenance. They consist of seeding grass and succulents on the roof to make a green cover.

Intensive green roofs: this involves building a natural garden on the roof by planting trees, plants, bushes, and even a vegetable garden.

The Installation of Gutters

Gutters are installed at the ends of the slopes of a house to ensure the evacuation of rainwater: collect it and direct it to the sewers. This installation can be done by yourself. You will need essential tools such as a saw, plumb line, and level, tape measure, etc. There are two ways to install gutters: creeping or hanging.

The first method consists of installing the gutter directly on the roof or a cornice. It is especially suitable for roofs with a significant slope. It is more discreet and less expensive. As for the hanging gutter, it can be fixed either on the fascia board or on the slope of the roof. They are all fixed with hooks.

Gutters ensure more efficient drainage favored by its large width and shape, limiting the rapid obstruction. However, its installation is complicated. Indeed, it is necessary to have recourse to a roofing contractor who will know how to proceed with adequate material.

This installation can be done:

  • either between two sides or a side and a wall;


  • or on a solid support, depending on the configuration of the roof.

The gutters are made to measure and adapt perfectly to the dimensions of the surfaces to be served. And since they are integrated, they will not be particularly visible from the outside. Their drainage capacity depends on their shape, development, depth, and width.

The Job of a Zinc Worker

The zinc worker is a technician who does all the zinc work described above. He is indeed a specialist in waterproofing and insulation of roofs. He can also be a roofer by accomplishing all the tasks concerning installing roof coverings and a repairer who diagnoses and solves any leakage problems.

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