Interior Wall Finishes: 5 Practical Solutions for Harmonious Arrangements

The interior walls of a home are not only the walls that separate the rooms, but they are also the perfect opportunity to add another layer of charm to the space. With a wide variety of textures and colors, you can completely change a room just by changing the look of the walls. Would you be more comfortable with wood grain panels on your living room walls? Can the bathroom have tiles instead of wallpaper?

We’ve prepared some information and tips to help you choose the right interior finishing options. Here are some of the most practical wall finishes that can be used in any room of the house.


Regardless of your interior design style, color is a popular choice for walls. It is usually relatively quick to apply, not expensive, and you don’t necessarily have to be a craftsman to use it. The only drawback is that you have to be prepared for some staining.

Today, there are several types of interior colors, some of which can be used to remarkable effect. There are iridescent colors, metallic colors, and even colors that replicate marble. Different wall colors can be used in different rooms: washable paints for bathrooms and kitchens, decorative paints for living rooms for special visual effects, insulating paints for bedrooms, and paints that can be used on the wall above the desk, preferably like a blackboard.


Wallpaper is an affordable option to match any room. Moreover, it is a washable decorative pattern made of fabric or paper and comes in many textured and three-dimensional prints. To ensure the longevity of your wallpaper, it is recommended that you choose the right type of wallpaper for the function of each room.

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You can buy washable wallpaper for the kitchen so that you can clean the walls regularly. Since bathrooms are humid, you have no choice but to choose waterproof wallpaper to ensure the hygiene of the room. The seams and edges of the wallpaper should be sealed tightly, or there will be a risk of moisture getting under the wallpaper.

For the living room, you can use elegantly textured, non-woven wallpaper on all the walls or buy a three-dimensional printed wallpaper for the accent walls. You can also try accenting the walls in the bedroom or use wallpaper in combination with colors.

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Decorative Panels

Decorative panels are a practical addition to any room. They come in various materials (wood, PVC, plaster, polystyrene, cane fiber), and some models have three-dimensional designs that successfully mimic the appearance of wood, brick, or natural stone.

If you want to give your room an industrial look, you can choose tiles that imitate bricks. Antique wood tiles look great in rustic interiors, while 3D decorative panels that brighten up the entire space look great in minimalist areas that are represented by white walls. The decorative panels are easy to install and can be painted in different colors if you decide to repaint the room.

Venetian Stucco Decorative Plaster

There are usually two types of this interior treatment: one based on lime stucco and the other based on acrylic resin. It has aesthetic advantages and is a surface treatment that allows the wall to breathe and last longer. However, this type of decorative plaster is expensive and difficult to install, so a specialist must do it.

Venetian stucco can also be applied to a portion of a wall, such as above a kitchen counter, or to accentuate an entire wall, or to all the walls in a bathroom for a striking effect. Venetian stucco can also replace tiles thanks to its shiny surface and easy maintenance.


Which of these options do you prefer for interior walls? Let us know in the comments below!

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