How to Effectively Secure a Construction Site?

Accidents such as falls (people and equipment) and collisions between machines on a construction site are frequent. This is why making the site safe is essential. To do so, it is recommended that all workers wear protective equipment. It is also vital to mark out the area where the work is to be done so that no one other than the workers can enter. Signs and fences are the best solutions in this case.

 Reasons Why It Is Essential To Secure a Construction Site

Security is necessary to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the construction site. It also protects all the equipment against theft. The security measures to be applied depend on the type and size of the work site. It can be to secure against intrusion or just to signal a work area.

Securing the Site According To Need

The way to secure a construction site varies depending on the location. Securing is also subject to specific obligations such as the declaration of the work to the town hall of the locality concerned.

For a Construction Site on a Private Land

When construction takes place on private land, there are no specific rules concerning the building site, apart from obtaining a building permit. However, the safety of the workers and the neighborhood is entirely under the project manager’s responsibility. In case of an accident, he will be held responsible. Therefore, it is in his interest to make the worksite safe.

For a Construction Site on the Public Road

It often happens that the worksite is on a public road or in a frequented place. In this case, specific measures are required.

On the public highway, it is mandatory to inform users of the nature of the work to be done and the precautions they must take, such as taking a detour. When it is a bustling road, the signage must be appropriate and communicate the direction and speed that users must adopt.

The Different Types of Worksite Security

Whether it is a work site on private property or a public road, safety consists of a series of measures and the installation of specific equipment.

Beaconing Equipment

They are mainly used when the worksite is on a public road. They are signs indicating the compulsory passage for pedestrians and risks such as falling material, passing machines, or waste storage. In this case, cones and ribbons are the most used equipment.

Anti-intrusion Equipment

For construction or demolition sites, security allows signaling, protect and closing the area to control and restrict the circulation of people. In this case, the use of construction site fences is essential. Several types are available, depending on the needs.


They are mainly used to signal and delimit an area at a construction site entrance. They can be made of cones and rails.

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Protective fences effectively protect a worksite without masking the work. They must contain at least a low solid part of about 1 meter high before the height of the fence.

Construction site fences

These are resistant panels that are aligned to secure a construction site. The panel must measure between 1 and 1.5 meters in height for 2.50 m in length. Each panel is placed at 12 cm from the ground to allow good water circulation if necessary.

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