Weirdest Things Found on Construction Sites – Part 2

As mentioned in the last article, strange or spooky things can often be found on construction sites. So, let’s explore more of their weird stuff!

#1. Pablo Escobar’s Secret Safe

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Who doesn’t know who Pablo Escobar is?

Well, for those who don’t, he is known as the King of Cocaine and the head of the Medellín drug cartel. Despite being the son of a school teacher, the young boy began his career in the world of crimes and during the 1970s, he created a crime organization that evolved into the notorious Medellín cartel.

Pablo used to dominate the cocaine trade and some even estimated that he used to earn $420 million a week, making him among one of the wealthiest people in the world. His lavish lifestyles included private planes, luxurious homes and of course, posh parties. But, will you be surprised if I tell you that in order to keep his daughter warm during one night on the run, the Colombian drug lord lit a bonfire using $2 million? Can you imagine burning all that money?

However, it was the new owner of a house in Miami Beach, Florida (which once belonged to Pablo Escobar) that was really lucky as he got his hands on the infamous drug lord’s secret safe. Apparently, the owner decided to tear down the house and in the process, the demolition workers made a very fascinating discovery. Just when the last wall was knocked over, one of the crew members noticed a grey safe. However, the contents of the safe still remain a mystery (but honestly, money or not, I am sure the safe contains at least some cocaine).

#2. 1300 Pounds of Ancient Roman Coins

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In 2016 in Span, it was quite the thrill when some construction workers unearthed around 1300 pounds (600 kilograms) worth of bronze and silver-coated Roman coins. The coins were buried approximately 3 feet underground in a ceramic container, which is believed to have been widely used in Ancient Times.

But I think no one was more ecstatic over this find than the Seville Archeological Museum, which claimed that these coins date back to the 4th century. Other theories claimed that these coins were set aside to pay soldiers or civil servants And as per the Telegraph, as such coins have never been discovered before, they have a priceless value.

#3. An Old Grenade

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How would you have reacted if you had discovered a grenade? Well, the word panic, for me, is too little to describe how I would have reacted.

A similar situation occurred in 2016 in Massachusetts when some construction workers found a rifle grenade on the site. The local authorities were immediately contacted and obviously, the bomb squad was dispatched to remove the device. Fortunately, the grenade was not live and according to the police, it may have been used for training purposes.

#4. A Viking Burial Pit

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During a road construction in 2010 in Dorset, UK, a burial put for more than 50 Vikings was discovered (and for your information, they were executed Vikings). Once on-site, the archaeologists removed at least 51 skulls that were all placed in one area of the pit, with the bodies scattered all around, and analyzed the teeth and bones. After the research, it was proved that they came from Scandinavian countries and they were most probably executed between 910 and 1030AD.

#5. A 700 Year-Old What?

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In China, during a road construction project, some of crew members came across a huge box and guess what was inside? No, not coins this time. Nor was it some kind of animal skeleton. But rather, it was the perfectly preserved body of a 700 hundred-year-old woman, who was wearing shoes and a ring.

A 700-Year-Old mummy or some old and invaluable Roman coins found on construction sites? Can you believe that? If you liked this article, why don’t you go ahead, share it with your friends and leave your comment below?

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