Shell Contractor?

When constructing a new building, we often look for one number that will solve all our problems. A contractor who specializes in everything instead of a reliable foundation expert. But actually taking the time to find the experts can make a significant difference once the building is done.


Shell construction encompasses the envelope of a building. These are the vital parts of a structure that ensure that weight is evenly distributed and that the building remains intact. By employing a reliable shell contractor, you are ensuring that there is no way your structure can be compromised. Your contractor will not only supervise the construction but also suggest helpful construction methods that can protect the building from natural disasters, such as, earthquakes.


Shell contractors typically supervise the construction of:

  • Grade beams. These form part of the foundations and allow walls and columns to be connected at ground level.
  • Tie beams. These are horizontal beams such as those over windows, and those which form part of stairs.
  • Bond beams are embedded in the masonry of a wall providing horizontal strength.
  • Trusses are web-shaped structures that can be used to hold up heavy weights like tiles on roofs.

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