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Everything You Need To Know About Metal Construction

Like concrete, the metal construction is embarked with the development of the country. This material has proven to be a high performance and allows multiple uses. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about metal construction.

The advantages of metal construction

Easy installation work

Reinforced Concrete

The metal frame is easy to implement. Indeed, unlike wood, these products are ready to install. Arriving on site, it is enough to proceed with the assembly, which saves time. Moreover, a simple construction like the shed is practically feasible by a private individual without having to resort to a building professional. Also, the equipment is light and easy to install. But for a large-scale project, the intervention of a construction engineer is necessary. To do this, you can start by asking him for an estimate for the installation of a steel structure.

An economical construction

Compared to wood and concrete, the price of steel framing is 2 times cheaper than its competitors. Moreover, once installed, it requires no maintenance. Indeed, it is robust and resists all kinds of aggression. Unlike wood, this equipment can be kept for a long time without the need for treatment because it cannot be attacked by xylophagous insects and fungi. This allows you to reduce your expenses.

An ecological solution

Opting for the metal frame contributes to the preservation of the environment. Indeed, you don’t need to cut down a tree to use this material. In addition, since it is steel, it is a recyclable product that can be reused a thousand times without deforming.

Common Uses of Steel Framing

Steel framing is often used in the construction of industrial buildings, large shopping malls and bridges. DIY stores and other small constructions are also feasible. In addition, this material is modular, which allows precise and custom-made construction. In addition, you can build an extension to a building, raise the height of the building, and also build high walls.

The assembly of the steel construction

Depending on the type of work, the structure of the steel structure can be in the form of a portal frame like that of the building. It is a horizontal assembly and is held by vertical supports. In contrast, the truss structure for bridges is a triangular assembly formed by vertical, horizontal and diagonal supports.

As for the three-dimensional structure, it is composed of 2 lattice structures that are connected to each other by a diagonal axis. Regarding the assembly, there is the bolted assembly which is cheap and fast, but there is also a welding assembly. The elements that make up the metal frame are the crossbeam, the post, the diagonal of the slope, the post, the purlin, the cladding, the rail and the cross of Saint Andrew. They all have their specific functionality. For example, the metal cladding placed on the wall surface serves as a facade covering.

By cladding the wall, it provides an aesthetic decoration to the structure. Likewise, it can be customized in different styles to enhance your home. In addition, this type of cladding ensures that the wall is waterproof. Thus, even in strong variations of temperature, there will be no passage of moisture and water vapour through the wall. This characteristic gives it the role of thermal and acoustic insulation of a building. Moreover, the cladding is very resistant to shocks, which allows obtaining a solid and durable construction.

Final thoughts


Since the only weakness of steel construction is its sensitivity to fire, the installation of metal cladding, on the other hand, can limit the damage of fire because it reduces the proliferation of flames. Sound off in the comments section below, and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about metal construction.

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