8 Latest Terrace Trends

As the sunny weather continues, you will probably have more opportunities to use your outdoor space or terrace. You will spend hours soaking up the sun and entertaining family and friends. So what about a comfortable and inviting terrace furnished according to the latest trends?

Make your terrace the star of the show, and let it shine with glamour!

This year, you will be able to enjoy the sun, fresh air, and relaxing moments in open spaces more than ever before. To make that possible, you need to perfect your terrace and equip it with trends. Here are some tips to help you out!

1) Trendy Terrace Colors

The undisputed kings of color this year are neutral colors. White and beige have taken a leading role as timeless colors.

However, celebrating summer requires the addition of color. Turquoise blue is a popular choice for accessories and comfy chair cushions.

But that’s not all! According to the Pantone Institute, yellow is still popular. Plus, it is the perfect shade for terraces, and you can also add floral details, fabrics, and plants.

2) Retro Vibe

If there is a winning style in the terrace sector, it is the slow-living trend. It’s also a time to unwind from stress and tension.

Adding retro elements will definitely make it happen. For example, you can insert the Acapulco chair. Its rounded design and relaxing atmosphere can easily create the slow-life trend you are looking for.

3) Terraces Made of Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are still the partner of choice for terraces. It is warm and fresh at the same time. Furniture, carpets and lamps can be used on any terrace.

You can even cheat! If you are concerned about damage to your furniture from wind and rain, there are resin finishes that beautifully mimic rattan. The advantage is that they are more resistant to sunlight and extreme temperatures.

4) Other Materials

Not everything is limited to softness. There is a current trend toward using materials such as concrete, especially for table molds. Its hard material is combined with lighter, more organic shapes.

Terrazzo (in different colors) is also popular. It can be used for accessories, side tables, and tableware, helping to create a bold, modern space.

5) Terraces Should Communicate With the Interior Space

Prioritize comfort and enjoy a space that invites you to stay. To achieve this, it must be vibrant and equipped with everything you need to enjoy it, including storage space, tables, chairs, and cushions.

6) Lighting

The best lighting for terraces is movable lighting that can be adapted to any space and moved from indoors to outdoors. Garlands with visible filament bulbs are also a favorite for creating a glamorous effect. Whether mobile or suspended, you will like the temporary effect that this type of fixture creates.

Roof Terrace Design St John's Wood London, by The Garden Buidlers

7) Floors

There are several options, but the one to consider today is definitely terrazzo. This material offers many possibilities in terms of color. Custom pieces can be designed and incorporated into elements other than flooring, adding a playful touch to any project and becoming a signature piece. In this sense, we are in love with Jugue Mallorca’s designs and work.

8) Pots

Let’s stress the importance of pots, which are often considered secondary. Many love terra cotta plant pots with textured terrazzo or concrete finish for the terrace. It helps emphasize the presentation of plants as an indispensable decoration for the patio.

Terraces are summer’s greatest treasure. By following these trends, you can give them a new look and relaxing atmosphere! Do you have more tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

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