Spider Boom: An Indispensable Machine for Working at Height

Working at height is not always easy, especially if you hope to obtain a satisfactory rendering. To do so, it is necessary to use machines that allow easy access, such as the spider lift. Please read this article to help you use it correctly and choose it.

Characteristics of a spider lift

The spider lift is a compact equipment with four stabilizers facilitating access to any ground. Its thermal and electric engine, as well as its non-marking tracks, allow it to intervene both indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, it is a small but efficient machine. It measures one meter wide in the folded position, while its telescopic arm can reach up to 50 meters. If the height is less important, the 12 m or 20 m spider lift is preferred. This way, you can access confined spaces while maintaining the same lifting and offsetting efficiency as a self-propelled boom lift.

The price of a spider lift varies from 15 000 to 200 000 € depending on its height. If you plan to carry out large-scale work, opt to rent one to minimize costs.

The works concerned

Construction work

This machine allows you to work safely on a construction site during the finishing touches. Thanks to its narrow width, it reduces the risk of collisions with the tools used and the vehicles on site.

Façade restoration

This work is mainly done on the roadside and requires perfect balance and precision. Indeed, it remains perpendicular to the ground during the ascent and descent of the basket along the facade.

Indoor maintenance

The spider basket can easily pass through a classic door to fit any room. It is mainly used to clean ceilings and roof windows while preserving the condition of your floor covering.

Maintenance of decks

You can maintain a bridge with a spider lift from the ground. It allows you to get over obstacles and hard-to-reach areas.

Tree pruning

Very practical for landscapers, a spider lift can easily reach the top of trees to trim falling branches properly. This allows your children to play safely in the open air.


Some accessories can be delivered with or purchased as options:

the distribution plates: they do not allow the basket to sink on soft or unstable ground;
the rotating basket: it will enable a large working amplitude, especially during renovation works;
the lifting jib: it lifts heavy loads without overloading the basket to install photovoltaic panels or windows, for example;
the lifting basket: it can lift up to 1.5 tons of load thanks to its metal frame and its flat bottom.

Safety measures

The risks of accidents related to using a spider basket are high. These accidents are generally manifested by operator falls, electrocutions and machine overturns. To minimize these risks, certain rules must be applied:

-check if the operator has the CACES R386 1B, which is a certification authorizing the driving of a spider lift on public roads;
-check the liquid levels, the alarm signals, the hydraulic and electrical systems and the condition of the -tracks before starting work;
-Respect the maximum load to avoid tipping of the machine;
-Wear protective equipment such as a fall arrest harness or hard hat.

Spider lift manufacturers

It is essential to make the right choice by opting for a reliable brand. Here are some recommendations;Hinowa: a company dedicated to manufacturing machines for working at height for 30 years.

Get in touch with an authorized distributor of Hinowa products to avoid counterfeits.
JLG : founded in 1969 by an American group, it is a company that designs and distributes access equipment.
Easy-lift : based in Italy, it has been the most recent company in aerial work platforms sales since 2006.

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