Everything You Need To Know About Building A Tennis Court

Tennis is often seen as a luxury game and inaccessible to the general public. However, building a tennis court is affordable, and anyone can do it. Also, there are up to 5 million casual tennis players in the United States, so the cost of renting a tennis court is sky high. In order to fully enjoy the little yellow ball, why not build your own court? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know before building a tennis court.

Prepare the court


Your house has a garden, and you want to turn it into a tennis court? First, find out what type of game you want to play. For a simple game with 2 players, 23.77×8.23 meters of the court is needed. For a 4-player game, you need 23.77×10.97 meters. A proper tennis court should always have an envelope that allows you to stand back throughout the game. Thus, an area of 18×36 m is ideal for the court or about 500 m².

Prepare the field to accommodate machinery such as graders to handle the heavy lifting. A poorly leveled court will not contribute to the comfort of your tennis game. The court is now waiting for the tennis court builder in Orleans to transform it.

Selecting the right surface

Before starting the actual work, you must take the time to choose the ideal surface for your tennis court. To do so, you must consider the court’s aesthetics and functionality. It ensures the comfort as well as the stability of the structure.

    • Porous concrete and asphalt tennis court: equivalent to clay, it requires almost no maintenance
    • Clay tennis court: this surface is the most ecological and least expensive
    • Artificial turf tennis court: comfort is there, but artificial turf is more expensive
    • Natural grass court: chic and professional but requires a lot of watering;
    • Synthetic resin court: expensive, but you have the choice of several colors and a good grip.

It is important to know that 80% of the existing courts, including Rolland Garros, are made of clay.

Terracing the court

This step is crucial, so it requires the intervention of a professional in tennis court construction. The earthwork consists of removing the rubble, filling in, and leveling the ground in order to have a flat court. Thus, a mini-excavator is necessary for the small and large works.

A slight slope is also necessary so that rainwater does not accumulate in the middle of the ground. In addition, a drainage system must be put in place, especially for the porous concrete and synthetic field, which is an impermeable covering. Once the foundations are started, it is time to install the ground coverings. They are there for the design of the ground but also for its robustness and its functionality.

Finishing the work


You must now make the ground marking by using a white line marker. For aesthetic purposes, you can build a fence around the field. For the paint, you need a product that is resistant to weather conditions. You still have to install the nets and other decorations necessary to start a game of tennis. After its construction, you must think about its maintenance and renovation so that your tennis court is always functional even after years. Entrust this work to the same artisan builder for ease of use. In a word, a project of this type requires between 30 000 and 60 000 dollars.

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