How to Secure a Demolition Site?

Securing a construction site is one of the fundamental steps in demolition. Before proceeding with the work, a few securing steps must be followed, and safety measures must be taken. These steps aim to ensure the safety of the workers on the construction site and the people and the buildings in the surroundings.

Demolition Work: The Risks

The demolition of a house or a building always involves risks. These can come from demolishing the structure (collapse of the walls or roof), from the ground, or from the equipment used for the work (machines, explosives, etc.). Workers can also fall or be injured during their interventions. Indeed, no one can predict what will happen during the work because each construction site has its specificity. However, many accidents and complications related to demolition can be avoided through safety measures. Let’s look at some of these measures.

Safety measures

First, it is essential to know that a demolition project cannot begin without authorization. A demolition permit must be obtained first. Then comes the verification stage and the implementation of safety solutions.

For the Worker

The first to be protected are the workers exposed to the work. They must follow the safety instructions and wear all the safety equipment appropriate to the job: coveralls, hearing protection, helmet, shoes, and safety gloves. To prevent falls, they must also wear safety harnesses. The use of nets or guardrails can also limit the risk of falling.

The Public and the Surrounding Infrastructure

In addition to the workers, protecting the people around the construction site and the surrounding infrastructures is essential. To do this, the team in charge of the demolition must detect the surrounding networks (water, gas, telecommunications, electricity, etc.) and verify that they have been cut off.

Access to the site must also be blocked for the public. Demolition companies can hire a guard or security guard to ensure that no unauthorized persons enter the site or the demarcated area. Installing security fencing or gates is also a good option.

Checking the equipment

To ensure that the demolition process runs smoothly, all of the equipment to be used must be checked in various ways. The construction and demolition equipment is part of this (bulldozer, crane, demolition tongs, etc.). They must be thoroughly checked and tested before use. Usually, professional companies guarantee the performance of their machines.

After the equipment verification also comes the verification of the aptitudes of its user. Indeed, the drivers of machines must be sworn in and have an adequate license. The workers must also master the use of all demolition tools. If explosives are used, they must comply with current standards and be handled only by authorized personnel.

The house or building to be demolished must also be treated. For this, it is necessary to carry out asbestos removal, cleaning, or removal of lead from the house or building. This aims to eliminate toxic and carcinogenic elements such as lead and asbestos while promoting the success of the demolition. The companies that do the work may have an asbestos removal or de-listing team. If not, they will bring other professional crews to help with the task.

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