Renovation of Roofing: What Work Should Be Done?

The roof is the part that protects the house from possible climatic hazards. It is erected on strong skeletal support called a frame that effectively supports its weight. Because of its invisible aspect, the frame leads one to believe that it is a less important element. However, it must be reviewed and renovated every 20 to 30 years.

Specific work for each type of frame


The work to be done for the renovation of the frame will be defined according to the type of frame in question. The structure and texture of the frames differ from each other depending on the time of construction, hence the date and type of frame.

The work-related to an old frame

The nature of the work to be considered depends on the age of the frame in question. The renovation will strengthen the frame while preserving its beauty and original appearance. The subject is mastered and constantly practiced. A professional is moreover the one who carries out this work.

Wooden frame

The diagnosis aims to detect the presence of insects or fungi, check the tiles’ state, know the rafters’ state, control the ventilation under the roof, etc. The renovation of a wooden frame involves the installation of wooden or metal molds against the load-bearing walls. The floor beams and long-span elements must also be changed.

To bring your beams back to life and look good, you may need to sandblast them and whiten them with porous paint. If the wooden parts of the frame are eaten away or weakened, it will be necessary in this case to plan a metal strapping or a replacement. Wormy areas should be removed by stripping and logging.

Metal frame


Metal framing is the category of framing that requires virtually no maintenance. The installation of steel framing is as easy as its maintenance. Steel is much stronger to keep its strength through time. However, some metal frames require some renovation work, such as

    • Brushing with a wire brush
    • Sanding if necessary
    • Protective paint etc.

What else should I expect?

The renovation of the frame does not only concern the frame in its particularity. Renovating the roof structure involves some other ancillary work.

Thermal insulation

The renovation of the roof structure is the best option to achieve thermal insulation through the roof. The insulation alone involves more or less high costs because of the work that is part of the renovation. Indeed, an expert can help you kill two birds with one stone and renovate your roof structure and the insulation simultaneously.

Attic renovation

If your home has a lost wooden or metal attic and the roof pitch is 30 degrees, the renovation is feasible. The roofing experts reinforce the frame and modify the attic to make it habitable. With the installation of roof windows and some other elements, you will have a few extra rooms. However, it is important to make sure that the expert has a ten-year warranty.

When to renovate the roof structure?


The renovation of the frame involves some work specific to each type of frame. The framework is the skeletal part of the roof of a house and can be confronted with problems of deterioration and subsidence. The wooden frame is the most concerned by these problems because of its vulnerability to moisture and high weight.

The renovation of the frame is not always a decision following possible problems. This decision may come from a desire to change the look of the building or to modify the architecture for more living space. In both cases, you will need the services of construction experts such as a mason, carpenter, electrician, etc.

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