Street Furniture: The Main Materials Used

Street furniture holds an essential place in developing a city, contributing to its attractiveness. But to do so, the furniture must meet different criteria. If the infrastructure defines the aesthetics of the furniture, so does the material used. Moreover, the choice of the latter requires particular attention. Here is our selection of urban furniture materials.

For a Functional Furniture

In a public space, different structures are installed. Given its regular use, the material used must be durable. Here are the recommended materials for functional urban furniture:

Precast Concrete

The main advantage of this material lies in its composition. It has high impact resistance and is easy to maintain.

As it is precast, its installation is also effortless, as no transformation step is required. As a result, it is possible to save water and benefit from rapid construction.


Compact is the material of choice for street furniture. It is less resistant than concrete but strong enough for regular use and aesthetically pleasing.

But what is interesting about this type of material is that it respects the environment. Thus, by focusing on compact, the urban furniture will contribute to the city’s sustainable development.

Moreover, the installation of compact street furniture is effortless, as is its maintenance.

For a Decorative Furniture

To make a city attractive, urban furniture has its place. Indeed, the different decorative furniture installed everywhere will reflect the city’s identity.

However, to make a street furniture project profitable, it is essential to choose the suitable material, ensuring that it is both durable and aesthetic.

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Natural Materials

Natural materials are at the top of the podium in terms of aesthetics. These natural materials bring cachet to a space thanks to their authenticity. Indeed, their picturesque yet sophisticated character gives them an incomparable and timeless charm. This is why green spaces and wooden statues or marble benches are trendy in large tourist cities.

Moreover, natural materials have nothing to envy other materials in terms of mechanical performance. Resistance, durability, and comfort are all there. Not to mention that they are recyclable materials, which are part of the environmental protection process.


Glass street furniture will embellish the city by giving it a more modern style thanks to its futuristic side.

In addition, technical progress has made this material increasingly resistant and has other considerable technical advantages.

Urban Design, a Matter for Professionals
It is wiser to contact a local company for the design and installation of street furniture. However, it is always necessary to make the right choice of provider.

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