All About Earthmoving Equipment

Many machines are used to carry out various works on an earthmoving site. Each machine has a specific role. Some are used for digging and terracing the ground, and others for transporting materials and rubble. The choice of machines depends on the scope of the work. Discover in this article the categories of machines to be used on an excavation site and their use.

The Bulldozer:

The bulldozer is one of the most powerful construction machines. Mounted on tracks or tires, it is used for land leveling. Its primary function is to push materials by scraping the ground. The bulldozer is equipped with a robust front blade that can be lowered or raised using two articulated arms. With the power of its engine, it can push a scraper to extract material from the ground.


A scraper is an earthmoving machine used for excavating the ground. Using a bucket with an ejector drawer, it can extract and transport materials. When stripping soil on a large-scale earthwork site, this machine is pushed by a bulldozer or loader for more power.


A loader is a machine always present on an earthwork site. It is a wheeled vehicle equipped with a large bucket which allows the transport and the fast displacement of an essential quantity of materials. The tracked loader provides more stability if the site is located in difficult-to-access areas. However, the tracked loader is not as fast as the pneumatic wheel loader.

The Mini-Loader:

As the name suggests, the mini-loader is a small loader used to move and transport large amounts of material. It can be used on different construction sites (demolition or earthworks). Due to its small size, it is the most used on urban sites or sites with difficult access. The mini-loader is on wheel and track, but your choice will depend on the type of terrain.

Wheel Loader, Cat, 908M, Caterpillar

The Excavator:

This machine is often encountered on an earthmoving or construction site. It is also known as a hydraulic excavator; it is easily recognizable by its long arm consisting of a boom, a dipper, and a bucket, attached to a carrier frame. The excavator plays a vital role in excavation work and trenching. It can also be used as a handling machine or demolition tool.

The Mini Excavator:

By its name, the mini-excavator is a small excavator, mounted on pneumatic wheels or a track. It is most practical for small-scale earthmoving work in areas inaccessible to an excavator.


A backhoe is a machine that combines the loader and the excavator. It is equipped with both a bucket and an excavator. It can therefore be used for excavation and earthmoving work and the transport of various materials. You can also use it for demolition and general construction work. The backhoe loader is very convenient for small construction sites.

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In short, the above list of construction and earthmoving equipment is not exhaustive. To choose the right machine for your work, it is always recommended to consult professionals specialized in construction and earthmoving.

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