The Kit Frame: More Economical and Suitable for All Constructions

The frame is an essential element for the house. It supports the roof and all the elements that compose it. Made of metal or wood, it is perfectly adapted to all types of works, whether for construction or an exterior development (garage, swimming pool shelter, carport, chalet, etc.). If the traditional and industrial models are the types of frame that are most common in the construction field, now the kit frame is also available.

What Is a Kit Frame?

The kit frame is a roof frame that can be assembled quickly. This particularity makes it an element more and more sought after by professionals. The kit frame stands out on many points among the usual models (traditional or with industrial trusses).

Why Opt For the Kit Frame?

There are many reasons to choose this type of frame for construction projects.

To Easily Assemble Your House

The assembly is one of the most remarkable advantages of this new house frame. Delivered in kit form with a detailed assembly plan, it represents the best choice for building their own house.

To Save Money

Opting for this type of frame allows you to save more or less money. The kit frame is usually mass-produced in specialized factories. This reduces the price by at least 30%.

In addition to this advantageous price, there is the cost of labor. In fact, by doing the assembly yourself, you avoid the cost of intervention of professionals.

How To Choose the Kit Frame?

The choice of the kit frame depends on several elements and constraints related to the realization of the work.

The Type of Construction To Be Done

The kit frame is available in different models. Each of these models has more or less specific characteristics that must be taken into account. Indeed, the elements to be assembled differ according to the type of work.

The Choice of Material

Choosing the material is also essential in the choice of the kit frame. Like traditional frames, kit models are also made from two materials: wood and metal. However, the choice must be made according to the type of construction.

Wooden frame

It is mainly used for many types of construction: house, garden sheds, carport, garage, etc. There are several types of wood depending on the species chosen and its treatment. Similarly, there are two types of wooden frame kits: untreated and raw wood and glued laminated wood (easier to assemble and more customizable).

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The Steel Frame

Steel is also used in the manufacture of kit frames. This material is especially suitable for constructions that need solid foundations without a significant load-bearing wall. However, if you want to opt for this type of material, professionals must do the assembly because it must be done according to specific standards.

Elements To Take Into Account When Choosing the Kit Frame

The kit frames have many advantages, but they are not suitable for all construction problems.

Indeed, even if this frame is available in many shapes, it is rarely suitable for custom construction. This limits the choice of models and forces to opt for more or less standard structures.

The assembly of this type of frame is considerably quick but is far from easy. Indeed, to assemble it yourself, it is essential to be over-equipped and to have solid knowledge in the matter.

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