DIY Construction: Basic Equipment Needed

All manual activities, such as DIY, require basic hardware, whether minor repairs or large-scale work. Bolts, slides, hinges, dowels, screws… are always essential. This guide will help you to know the elemental composition needed.

What Are Hardware Tools?

The hardware is the set of small metal parts allowing to do everything: drilling, hanging, repairing, fixing, screwing, without forgetting the handles and the locks. But to make small repairs, you need:

  • Nuts ;
  • Bolts;
  • Screws;
  • Anchors;
  • Nails, etc.

It is advisable to buy toolboxes of various sizes. Hardware tools can be used to install a curtain triangle, design your own furniture, change a handle, hang a picture, etc.

What Are the Essential Tools To Install Your Hardware?

Your hardware does not go without the tools necessary for its use. Whether they are electrically powered or manual, they are always essential. Here are some examples:

The screwdriver

This is one of the most essential tools for DIY work. It allows you to unscrew and screw almost everything. But the most important thing is to have your own cruciform and flat version. You can also use an electric screwdriver to make the work easier. Indeed, its use does not require too much physical effort.

Flat Wrenches, Adjustable Wrenches, Allens, Etc.

These are indispensable for assembling a piece of furniture in kit form, tinkering with a bicycle, carrying out plumbing work, and even changing parts of winding and unwinding equipment.

The Cutting Pliers

To carry out essential electrical work, cutting pliers is always crucial. It allows the repair of common network faults. It also allows you to cut electrical wires, small objects, and especially metal cables and nails and is therefore ideal for starting in DIY.

Where To Place Your Hardware?

Once you have acquired the essential tools you need, it’s time to find a place to store them. You don’t want to keep them in an unsecured area, as children could easily find them and play with them. This can lead to injury or damage to your home. You should also not put them in the garage, as it quickly becomes confusing.

The place where you need to store your hardware should make it easy to find the tools you need. So, choose efficient storage, such as a PVC or metal toolbox.

What Are the Different Types of Hardware?

There are many different types of hardware, but the most popular are :

Hardware for Fasteners

The fastening systems and screws are generally made up of several elements: the plugs for the plasterboard and the studs. The latter allows you to fix a lighting system, a curtain rod, a picture, etc.

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The Hardware of the Handyman

An excellent handyperson should have a hardware box with dominoes, electrician’s tape, wagons (for electrical work). He also needs a chemical sealant cartridge, a cartridge gun with silicone, protective equipment (hard hat, goggles, work gloves, etc.), to protect himself against the trade risks.

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