Roof Construction: What Are the Essential Elements?

In real estate construction, the roof is essential for a house. It serves as shelter and protection, and it also contributes to the house’s thermal insulation. Therefore, the choice of the roof of the house should not be taken lightly. In this article, we will guide you through the work related to installing your roof to complete your project. Here are some crucial elements in the realization of the roofing work.

Roofing Installation

There are three forms of roofing that you can choose from, including pitched, flat, and rounded roofs. Each has its characteristics and properties. With a pitched roof, you can have an extra room inside.

In most cases, people use this space as an attic, and however, you can perfectly convert it into a living room. The sloped roof is trendy because of its shape to facilitate rainwater drainage and the elements that may be on the roof.

The flat roof is very aesthetic and modern. If you are using solar energy, it is best suited to the design of your home. According to your desires, it can also be used and transformed into a terrace or a living room. Note that the flat roof is installed with a slope of 1 to 5% to allow water drainage.

As for the rounded roof, it has an authentic design. This roof is often chosen for large structures such as churches. But you can also select a rounded roof for your house since it adapts to all buildings. This type of roofing is also known for its ecological aspect.

Roof Frame

As part of the roofing installation, you need a framework as support. The framework can be installed with several materials, the most famous of which are wood and metal. However, there are several types of framework, such as the industrial truss framework, the glulam framework, and the diamond mesh framework or zollinger slats.

First of all, wood is usually one of the most used materials for framing. It is appreciated for its resistance and its solidity. In this sense, the durability of wood framing is extraordinary.

In addition to its very aesthetic appearance also ensures optimal performance and is suitable for any type of roofing regardless of its shape and material.

Secondly, metal framing is also very popular with its efficiency and affordability. However, it requires the use of a non-combustible lining or an intumescent coating to resist fire.

On the other hand, the industrial truss is easy to install. Its properties lie in its strength and lightness, and it also has a low cost. Glulam framing is especially suitable for large buildings. This type of frame is also very resistant not only in mechanical terms, but also to fire. Finally, the zollinger lattice frame is very original. It offers enough living space for your house and is remarkably resistant.

Roof Insulation

Thermal insulation helps regulate energy and heat in the home. The placement of insulation for the roof is more effective than those installed on the wall. For this purpose, it is strongly recommended to opt for glass mineral wool or rock mineral wool, which are the best insulators for the roof, regardless of their type.

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