Which Bosch Portable Saw Cuts Aluminium?

To preserve the environment, humans are trying to reduce their wood consumption. The use of metal has been part of our daily lives for several centuries. Aluminium is one of them, and it is one of the elements that we master perfectly. This material is present everywhere, whether in domestic or industrial products or arts and crafts. But why this choice? How is this element used? Which of the tools presented by Bosch, the saws, is the most suitable for cutting aluminium?

What is Aluminium?

It is a mineral extracted from bauxite (or alumina), and Friedrich Wöhler isolated it in 1827. It can be obtained by the “Hall-Héroult process,” which consists of producing aluminium by electrolysis. From 1.9kg of bauxite, 1kg of pure aluminum can be extracted.

Among the most abundant materials on the planet, alumina is the third after oxygen and silicon. It is estimated at 8% of the composition of the earth’s crust, and its atomic number is 13, and its symbol is “Al”.

Aluminum is a light metal, resistant, and does not deteriorate quickly. It melts at a temperature of 660°C. Its most excellent quality is to be infinitely recyclable. Therefore, its use is recommended to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

What Can We Do With It?

On the one hand, aluminum is used in households for domestic utensils such as pots, spoons, and even knives. It is also found in many decorative items, such as lampshades. Craftsmen prefer it to other metals because of its malleability. Consumers like it because it is easy to maintain and does not rust. It can be cleaned simply with dishwashing liquid or soap.

On the other hand, this metal is also used in industry. The fact that it is light and strong makes it convenient for aluminium carpentry companies. The most common works made of it are doors, windows, or gates. Customers can order any shape and size they want, and the lightness of aluminium facilitates its transport and installation. It is inseparable from technology and is a raw material in car manufacturing (4% of car parts are non-ferrous metal).

How to Maintain It?

Several products can be used to keep its surfaces clean, but here are some tips for cleaning aluminium:

Using water with soap or dishwashing liquid is the easiest. There is also white vinegar or olive oil. These are kitchen ingredients used in cleaning and can be easily found in grocery stores or department stores. To make household utensils shine, the application of a mixture of ammonia and dishwashing liquid is recommended. Gloves must be worn because the mixture obtained is harmful to humans.

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Which Tool Should I Choose to Cut Aluminium?

The Bosch brand has a wide range of portable tools. They are classified into two main categories: those for do-it-yourselfers and those for professionals.

Which Saw Is Right for Do-It-Yourselfers?

Some tools are designed for DIY enthusiasts. There are several types in this category: jigsaws, hand-held circular saws, and saber saws. The GSA 18 V-LI C is a cordless portable saber saw, and it runs on 18V power and has two speeds. It has a cutting depth of 100mm for metal and cuts aluminum without difficulty.

Which Saw Is for Professionals?

The most practical ones are the circular saws, but there are also chainsaws, or concrete groovers, for large jobs. On these models, the blades are replaceable. The GKS 65 GCE is used by workers, weighs 5.2kg, and has a power of 1800W. The blade thickness is 190mm. With a no-load speed of up to 5000 rpm, absolutely nothing can stand up to it. It cuts everything: wood, plastic, and all types of steel.

These tools are accessible to everyone, but it is preferable to use them with the utmost caution to avoid accidents. We always advise, within the limits of possibility, to contact professionals for delicate tasks.

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